Memory: Oops I Found It!

by Sunie Levin

Oops, where Did I Leave It?

I lost my car keys. I have searched everywhere. You know what? It doesn’t matter. I won’t need them unless I find my car!

My husband laughed until he choked when I told him I was writing this article. I manage to lose something everyday, some days several things. The daily list includes glasses, purse, car keys and cell phone.

I panic when they are gone. Did I leave them in a restaurant? At the beauty shop? At the doctor’s office. He patiently assures me they’re right here, at home, and he’s always right.

So why am I writing this type of article? I’m 80 years old. My senior moments come too frequently. Some days my 83 year old husband has to supply the tip of my tongue with my missing word. “Where did I put the purple stuff?” He replies,”You mean the grape juice, and it’s on the counter, right there.

Once not all that long ago I went to a lecture and put my purse and umbrella under the seat. When the lecture was over I went to my car, but couldn’t get in. The keys of course were in my purse. Panicking, I ran back and luckily they were still there, right where I left them.

Memory. It bothers all of us ‘of a certain age’. When we remember to think about it. When I saw my internist recently for a checkup I shared my concern about my daily “oops” and said fearfully, Do you think it’s Alzheimers?” He said, not the least worried, “You managed to get here on the date and time of your appointment, didn’t you? You didn’t get lost on the way, did you? And you are still writing articles and books. Why don’t you write how you compensated for the natural memory loss you are experiencing? It’s an everyday problem.”

Good idea! So here’s the article. I’m going to share some of the tricks I now use to jog my memory. They’re easy, and I’m not going to harass you to learn mnemonic devices. Forgetting is normal. Losing your keys doesn’t mean you are losing your mind. Much forgetfulness is just a symptom of bein distracted.

So here are six tricks I found extremely useful. When I remember to use them, that is:

Find a basket for everything you routinely use. Keep it in the exact same place, and use it to put down your eyeglasses, house and car keys, cell phone, pill box. Once you’re firmly in the habit of going to that exact spot, you’ll always find what you are looking for. Hey, I trained my schnauzer. I can certainly train myself.

Losing your car in parking lot isn’t fun especially, if it rains. “Oh my gosh, somebody must have stolen it.” The simplest way is to look back twice, picking up a landmark so you’ll remember the row it’s in. Another way is to carry a small tape recorder or text a message where to find your car. In fact, use your tape recorder to remind yourself about anything you’re afraid you might forget.

Something on the tip of my tongue I can’t recall. Like the purple stuff, try reciting the alphabet and when you...

--- OOPS, Article got cut off, please post the rest! ---

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by: Anonymous

I have decided it may be a good idea to make a list and go through it every now and then checking things off. Especially when leaving the house for any reason.

I have forgotten to lock doors, shut off the water faucet after cat has been drinking, turn off the oven, turn off a burner when it has been on low, leaving yard tools out after using, making sure fridge doors are completly closed and checking on the computer so it is how you want to leave it, leaving a curling iron plugged in and things like that.

I know i am not alone. I have been so lucky that the lord is watching out for me!

Haste makes waste!!!

Oops I Found It!
by: Diana M

Well, Dear Suni, You have struck a nerve. After having read your experiences I am breathing normally again.

I continue to walk through life with a smile on my face. That way no one would suspect that I "forget things."

As you say, the car keys, glasses (that is a big one for me. You have to be able to see the darn things in order to find them!).

But I always know where I am when traveling either locally or some distance from home.

My suggestion to our group of "that age" folks: When you wake up in the morning and you know where you are, plus your name, address, telephone number, birthday and social security number, it is going to be a good day!

So keep smiling. You don't have to fake it!

Wendy: THAT is sooo annoying - losing my glasses and can't see to find them! I'm only 58 years young too! I always have them on, but once in a while, creaming my face or something, suddenly WHERE THE HECK DID I LAY THEM?

Last week, my parents (in their mid-80s) told me that mom lost her glasses. I groaned... been there, Mom. They looked everywhere. Nothing. Then Dad felt under her side of the bed and sure enough there they were. She must have knocked them off the side table as she slept,then kicked them undere when she got outta bed. Yikes! They could easily have PAID for new glasses, and never found them for years! Oh my... Good one, Diana!

So what are we talking about?
by: A Happy Kiwi

I know what I am going to write about - memory loss... thats right - you can let it get confused or just don't worry - which someone like myself who doesnt have any have to do things in my life or if I do I have foregotten and if I dont need them it can't be important - or maybe thats how it works.

Forgetting a story line or where you were heading in a story would be a bit confusing and frustrating and potentially very embarrassing.

Maybe I feel happy because I dont have that many demands on me!

The notebook thing sounds like a good idea, but have shyed away from doing that because I think that would show me up as being a bit silly - but its a thought I may have to change...

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