Men's friendships as we age

by Ken
(Ottawa, Ontario, Can)

One of the things that seems to be a common challenge for people is maintaining social connections after retirement. This episode of Hidden Brain is very interesting and relevant in that it takes deep dive into men's experiences building and maintaining friendships especially as we age.

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its big issue
by: Ken Ottawa

If you start to search on line on the topic you quickly realize this is a big issue affecting many men as we age. It my well be a significant heath impacting issue as well.

I'm not retired yet but realize I'll need strategy to mitigate this.

This a group/movement started to provide just such an opportunity. its an interesting approach.

Men's Sheds Canada - The Canadian Men's Sheds Association aims to build the men's sheds movement here in Canada.

Re: Men's friendships as we age
by: NY

Thanks Joe for your writing. Being out of work a few years now my biggest challenge is socialization. I find it hard to make friends with other guys.

I worked all my life and unfortunately never kept my few male friends I had. I’m envious of my wife who still has friends since elementary school.

Yes I keep busy with renovating my house, hobbies and taking care of my elder Mom but this does not include for most part any other male interaction which has left me extremely lonely.

I only seem to be able to make friends with women but sure that wouldn’t go over to well with my wife. I ran an engineering department and miss that male comradery.

Men's Retirement Conundrum
by: Joe W.

Question - What should men do when they are unceremoniously downsized, ostracized and capsized?

Retirement planning for men in the future will require a mindset change. It's easy for men to say that they finished their primary responsibility working hard in traditional industries and now they can just relax.

Unfortunately life goes on and it well require men to shift from relaxing too much and figuring out how you still have the abilities, knowledge,a nd resources to contribute more to our society.

A starting point to awaken the giant within (Tony Robbins) is to immediately go from being basically a spectator to being a more productive person through lifelong learning, digital literacy and financial literacy.

Then, just watch what happens to you as you being to rise in importance again; and at the same time discard your loneliness, and the feelings of anxiety and depression.

See you at the top!

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