Middle Baby Boomers:
1952 to 1958

The Middle Baby Boomers were born in the midst of the baby boomers generation. These younger boomers were born between the year 1952 to 1958. That's ME!

The peak birth year is 1957 producing over 4.3 million more baby boomers!

Today, most of the middle boomers are age 60 or just approaching that golden age!

Boomers rock!

Middle Baby Boomer Demographics

Baby boomer demographics on this middle group shows 29 million middle boomers , which is 10% of the total United States population.

Middle boomers represent approximately 38% of all boomers, making them the largest popularion of the baby boomers.

Middle Boomers Characteristics

The middle boomers are generally like the middle child, bridging the gap between the younger and older boomers.

Middle Boomers as Children & Teens

Historical events in childhood, such as the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the Vietnam War, played a significant role in formative years.

As these middle boomers enter adult years, the economy makes them less eager to be a part of it. However, a shift in their life's priorities become more evident as they mature.

Middle Boomers Lifestyles

As adults, they are focused on matters concerning family, financial security, personal well-being and wellness.

The women's liberation movement triggered women middle boomers to reach a parity with men, in terms of education in order for them to access higher level of jobs. This is definitely shown as both have continued to swell the workforce ranks.

Middle Boomers Age

Most of the middle boomers did not mind turning 50 as they would consider themselves old, when they reach the age 70. Personally, I retired at 55, so I know I am “older” but I certainly am not OLD.

The middle boomers are still considered to be in their prime earning years as they still maintain a high employment rate. Many middle boomers would actually like to extend retirement to 66 (full retirement age for Social Security). Only time will tell what happens!

Survey shows that 71% of middle boomers are married while 13% have never been. Half of the middle boomers population are still not empty nesters as their children are still living with them.

Near half or 48% already have grand children. Most of them consider themselves healthy but are at the same time worried about health care when its their turn to face illnesses that comes with age.

Middle Boomers influences Take a peek of the lives of the famous middle boomers of the “sandwich generation”.

These names are all part of this middle boomer generation:

Christopher Reeve, Cyndi Lauper, Tony Blair, Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Bo Derek, and Michael Jackson just to name a few.