Mindset: I am Astonished at Myself (confidence)

by Natasha

I had it in my mind that when my ex/housemate took a vacation, it would be an opportunity to work on the house with no back-and-forth, and I could polyurethane the floors with no concerns for him waiting somewhere for the floors to dry.

So, I did that. Yay.

Neither of my entry doors locked securely in my 100-year-old historical house. For repair he had taped the lock on. I took the hardware out, sawed and chiseled and screwed on two pieces of wood to fit inside the mortise, and put on the lock and now had wood to screw the lock into. Tape is gone.

I also replaced two deadbolts which had keyholes on each side. This is illegal because it could hinder a quick exit in case of fire. I replaced them with legal deadbolts. Of course one deadbolt I bought was faulty so I had to run around returning stuff after doubting myself and retrying that deadbolt 3 times.

Anyway, my mindset of growing confidence (only gained since retirement) allowed me to do this. Mindset of confidence as well as giving myself permission to ask the hardware storeman, a real locksmith, Google, and a next-door neighbor, for tips.

Did I mention I also bought a metal file and filed the plates a tiny bit, and filled old screw holes with dowels and wood glue?

I am astonished at myself and will continue to build my confidence in my capabilities and permission to ask others for tips.

Wendy: I am so proud of you! So happy you allowed me to post this for all Women out there who think they can't -- when they CAN!

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by: Patricia Newton, Delaware

WOW. I am proud of you. Love hearing your story.
This is great, You have given me confidence.

by: Cindi H, Ohio

I'm so impressed. That's got to add tons of confidence pulling off jobs like that. I worked with a lady once who, along with her 20-something daughter replaced the faucets in their bathtub. I am in awe or such accomplishments.

by: Sharon/Raleigh

So proud! Somebody told me that older women don’t think to ask google for help. I do that a lot these days, and I you get fabulous help on almost anything!

by: Mark

Yep I hear you on the limitations. Yet I wanted to drag two 50 pound old solid doors down the steep 13 attic stairs to the main floor without damaging something I put my mind on how to do it without damaging plaster walls, etc. I also then needed to get the suckers up on the hinges to hang them so I could paint.

Well, I duct-taped the edge so the latch was in and they would slide on the floor on the edge. I put a walker stuffed with pillows at the bottom on the steps against the plaster hall wall, and standing next to the door, slid it on its edge down one step at a time.

Did I mention I had on padded pants, hard-toed boots and had my cell phone in a Fanny pack?

Carry on mark!

One step at a time
by: Anonymous

Way to go!! Keep it up. We are pulling for you.

Way To Go!!
by: Mark in Maryland

Good on ya, Natasha!

We don't often talk about self-reliance, but I strongly believe it's been fundamental to making America strong.

When I was twenty-five, my parents deeded us a section of the homestead they bought from my grandparents that they didn't really need.

It served as the down payment on our first home that I largely built myself. I was working long hours as a CPA during tax season, and still managed to put the plumbing in a three-bedroom, one and a half story house by reading a book and asking a lot of questions!

Now, I am far more limited by advancing age and diminishing strength, and I know when to call a pro, but it feels so much better when you do it yourself!

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