by Noelle

Lord Have Mercy !

Lord Have Mercy !

I sure hope i'm not the only one that can relate to this post. I was reading through some of Wendy's super-wise advice and I ran across these words: "Let ME Help YOU through this odd time of life!"

It reminded me of the day that I glanced in the mirror, and, all I could say was "Who in heavens name are you?" The image looking back at me was not anyone I knew.

What happened? I don't make a habit of glaring at myself but, for whatever reason, I took a good look and YIKES...I had turned into my Mother.

Bless her heart, she passed away a few years ago so I don't have to worry about her seeing this. She used to be a beautiful woman but she did not age well at all. I call that an "Odd Time In Life."

I wish Wendy had been around to help me through these odd times but thankfully we have her now. When I read her posts, I find myself agreeing with everything she says. I paid a therapist a small fortune for advice and Wendy hands it to us on a silver platter for free. Kudo's to Wendy !!


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To Anonymous
by: Noelle

Furrows and wrinkles, even deep ones, are called "Character." I, too, had a miserable childhood but, as I see it, those God-awful times, in hindsight, made me who I am today...a better person. So, don't look at the wrinkles and furrows as flaws - view them as etchings of experience.

wrinkles and furrows
by: Anonymous

I am absolutely full of furrows, deep ones at that. I know how I got them, and feel sad when I see myself. My life is better now, but seeing myself with my furrows is a constant reminder. It is a miracle I made it through my life, truly. I would not wish my childhood or first 20 years of marriage on anyone. Anyway, I guess I really know that miracles happen, because I made it.

by: Noelle

Why not put your name to your comment? If you find my posts Valuable, then speak up.

by: Anonymous

I didn't realize how Valuable your emails were.
Thanks again. I do learn something new from each post.

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