Miserable Retiree

by Chuck
(Denver Colorado)

I have retired after 35 years in law enforcement and I am miserable.. I am not happy with my wife or my life, barely hanging on anymore!!

Wendy: Yep. been there and done that, as have many other new retirees. If you scroll down this page, you'll find several who retired from law enforcement and were totally unhappy.

This WILL turn around.. I promise you! You just don't know who you are or what to do next. You WILL figure it out -- if you want help, write to me on my coach page, bottom left - and we can arrange a telephone call.

Retired Life is GREAT -- just gotta get there!

Best Wishes!

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by: Neal

Heres how I ‘cope’! Take a few vacation trips and run up a bunch of credit on your credit card.

We went to Ecuador for almost 3 months and would definitely recommend going to South America to ANYONE, even if you are not interested in the their way of life.

Also, we own a motor home which gets (on a good day!) 7 MPG and we go if we feel there is ample room on the cards to do so.

Traveling takes your mind off a lot of things. We meet a lot of nice people, encounter a bit of excitement, (mountain passes in the winter!) and get a lot of pictures.

After we fill the cards up, we go to Texas and take a job guarding gates for the oil companies. At $125.00 a day we can usually pay off all the credit cards in 3 months and we are free again.

Weird? Maybe, but VACATIONING 9 months out of the year ain't bad!!

As for S. America, google Vulcan, Panama if you like solace, or pick a beach town if you are into beaches and hot weather. Panama really caters to the retirees and the elderly.

Whatever you decide, the best to you and yours.

P/S You might patch things up with your wife if she gets to see another side of life. Women don’t think like men but mine (or is it me?) seems to change when we change our environment.
Go with Christ.

Hang in There
by: Goldie

Chuck...hang in there! Any new transition takes time; It isn't always easy, but you have lots of folks here who know the drill.

Please join us - just click "Friendship Here" on the right side of the screen. You may discover retirement in a new light. Welcome!

Getting old sucks
by: Another Chuck

Retiring makes up for it.

There are dozens of volunteer jobs out there. I worked for the sheriff's Dept for a while. Now I instruct seniors at a Jr college.

You have skills. Use them. You have training. Take classes. Give classes. Share what you were taught. You have 35 years of life skills. Stop wasting them on feeding your misery.

Stay active mentally and physically.
Do what you want, keep it legal of course.

Like I tell many who ask me about retirement... If I knew it was this good, I'd have retired out of high school.

Get gling
by: Inharmony

So I don't get it.

Maybe enforcement officers devote more time and attention to their jobs than some of us did?

Did you have any interests outside of work.

Think about what you want for the test of your life.

If you REALLY don't like your wife, find her a new home. Better yet find yourself a place where you can be happy without trying. This is a spiritual (not religious) place more that a physical place. Find it and go there...if you have no one you wasn't to share this with go alone.

Life it too short to be.miserable

Enjoy every minute... Could be, one day it WILLbe your last.

Don't waste any time.

Life goes on after LE
by: Tom


I hear what your saying and I have gone through the same feelings. If you have those thoughts of just hanging in there get rid of them. If you look up No Normal on this sight, that was me. Since then it's getting better, lots better.

I have been out of the fast lane and law enforcement for about six months now. It wasn't easy but it gets better.

So hang in there my brother in blue, there is life after being a LEO.

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