Mobile Home Living

by Sharon
(Georgia )

Is anyone out there having problems or Complaints about living in Mobile Home Park or not knowing what to do with the complaints?

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High prices
by: Bob

I've been wanting to buy a mobile home and have looked at them and researched them for many years.

In Illinois where I live, the mobile home parks have been taken over by corporations. And the lowest lot rent I have seen is about $800 a month up to over $1000.

I visited mobile home parks in New York State, and the lot rents are controlled by the state government. The lot rents are not expensive and rent increases seem minimal. I have seen them around $500 a month or so.

As far as the home itself, I have seen some old beaters to very nice modern homes. I was told by an architect that mobile homes are energy wasters and heating and cooling bills are going to be high due to lack of good insulation.

I haven't bought one yet. I'd like to have my own place, currently an apartment renter. But I don't like the idea of buying a mobile home and renting the land and taking care of the land for the park owner. And then if a corporation takes over the park, or sells it, you are out of luck on your keester. Doesn't seem logical to me.

Just my two cents.

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