Mobility Problems: Got a Scooter?

by Elizabeth
(Harpers Ferry, West Virginia )

I worked until I was 81 and have now retired to live with my daughter. My surroundings are comfortable and I could do not ask for a better setting for my later years. My daughter works so I have the house to myself during the week. I still have my own car, so am able to get out of the house as needed.

My problem that continues to grow is mobility, I have walked with a cane for several years, but find walking and standing are becoming increasingly difficult. Have been considering purchasing a scooter for outings.

Have done a lot of research on line and have spoken with some dealers about their scooters plus a lift to put the scooter into my SUV. I do understand that Medicare may help with the expense of the scooter, but not the lift for the vehicle.

So, my question is, have any of you purchased a scooter and are they more trouble than Help? Access to many places is limited by stairs or narrow doorways.

Would appreciate any advice or past experiences you maybe able to share. I need contact with real people and that means getting out of the house, so I am hoping the scooter will solve my proplem?

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by: Anonymous

I do not have one, but I know many people who do. By and large, they are a burden unless you get your vehicle equipped with a very good lift.

That is the part that insurance usually does not cover, and the temptation is to save money. That is never a good idea.

I know two people whose scooters are never taken out of their SUV's because of the poor quality lifts that they do not have the strength to struggle with. Or their lifts are always breaking down.

Length of battery life and time to recharge is another issue. Check reviews rather than relying on company provided info.

Scooters Are Great
by: Brent / British Columbia


I have some mobility issues as well. I've used a scooter (I call them cruisers) on/off for a few years. I've found mine useful and not too much trouble.

I got the smaller, lighter version. It is a Go Go Traveller Elite HD scooter. It easily fits into my trunk (or it could go on a lift). It comes apart for easy storage but I never take mine apart. Just take the seat off and put it into the trunk. The seat goes in the back seat.

Your daughter will likely need to help you if you are going to store it in your trunk when you go shopping. So, a lift on the back would likely be best for you so you don't have to lift any thing. The scooters in the stores are much slower and heavier.

Btw I have taken my cruiser on air planes. By law, airlines have to accommodate you in the USA. It is easy to do. Just let the airline know ahead of time, ask for assistance going through customs, drive your cruiser into the airport, through security, and up to the gate. The airline will take it from there and return it to you at the next gate. You drive it through the airport.

Again, ask for assistance if you are not sure where to go and so on. Often, the assistant will know some faster routes not open to the general public.

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