Mom's 90th Birthday Party

by Wendy

There are 3 photos here... be sure to click on the smaller one under the large photo to view them all! Thanks!

Last Sunday was my Mom's 90th Birthday party... family and friends attended (only 3 who were invited didn't attend too!) Woo Hoo!

We had PINK everywhere (as you can see from the photos) and flowers too! Mom wore a peachy/pink top, not even knowing about our PINK everywhere... that made our photos just rock!

Food was catered and fabulous -- and the desserts were delicious! Mom was so surprised and she cried happy tears all day long!

The first couple to arrive was a former co-worker from 30 years ago -- mom was so shocked and really wasn't sure who the gal was! She was hugging and crying with her... so very cool. An hour later, another former co-worker arrived and the three of them promised each other to do lunch soon too.

We also invited two neighbor couples -- again, totally unexpected by Mom. She was sooo surprised to see them there!

Lots of family there, as you'd expect. I added the photo of our four little girls wearing matching pink dresses... they looked adorable! GRIN! I have no children, they are my sisters two granddaughters from each of her two sons. Her daughter has no children, yet!

Anyways, Mom is the Great-Grandmother! FOUR GENERATIONS! How cool is that?

We told everyone NO GIFTS... but Mom is a card-lover, so we asked for birthday cards with handwritten messages inside. She got plenty of them and loved reading them that night. Many had gift cards inside and she got lots of fresh flowers and boxes of chocolate too.

All in all -- she couldn't have been more pleased. She didn't even YELL "I said no party" at us! :)

Good Times!

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Your mom's 90th
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

What a beautiful scene, Wendy. And your mother is lovely.

What a great idea to invite people who knew her from way back.

My sister turns 91 in September and she is six years older than I.

Times are such that we are living longer and longer .

I never thought I would enjoy this time of life, but it turns out to be one of my best.

Thanks so much for sharing an important landmark in the life of your family.

Special Moments!
by: Char

Ahhhh How very special you did this for your Mom!

All I have to say is she looks like an active and special lady. I concur, she looks GREAT for her age. I had my hubby guess her age - he looked at her photo and said maybe 71 or 72 max -- he was stunned when I told him her 90th celebration!

I can already guess you get much of your zest for living from your Mom. Wishing her a happy 90th and more wishes for continued health and happiness.

by: Sheila, Cambridge Canada

Lovely to see so many smiling faces. Love the Munchkins, too. I thought they were quadruplets at first.

Your mom looks great and now we know where your good looks and great hair come from!

Long may she live to enjoy your love and attention. XO

90th Birthday
by: Ade Mohammed. Abuja. Nigeria

Lovely pictures Wendy. Well done in making your mum happy

Ninety Years of Life
by: Ricardo

Wendy, your mother looks great. I wish her many more years of health and happiness. As we ALL age, we come to appreciate the value of family, friends, and MOST important HEALTH......GOD BLESS MOM.

Activity BOTH mental and physical is so important, especially when we are surrounded by people that we love and love us right back!

Happy summer to one and is winding down quickly, enjoy what is left of MY favorite season....go for a stroll, a bike ride, go fishing, camping, swimming, a summer drive in the country, about a picnic....enjoy ALL this season has to offer, BEFORE it rolls into fall and winter!

by: Anonymous

There is nothing greater than seeing a family share!

Awesome Gift to Your MOM!
by: Diana/California

Giving your mom friends and family to celebrate her day, the best gift of all...

by: Sandy

Wendy - your mom is beautiful. And how fortunate are you to have her in your life.

You created the most wonderful 90th celebration for her - it's not about big gifts and expensive celebrations (although that's nice, too), but is about how much others mean to us and vice versa.

So having people who love her there to celebrate must have brought her endless joy. Wonderful!!!

by: Anonymous

Happy birthday for your Mom . Lovely pictures.

Happily Retired
by: Michelle, CA

Thanks for sharing! My mothernlaw is 93.

Birthday to share
by: Anonymous

Thank you, Wendy, for sharing your mother's 90 birthday! She is lovely and so are you for thinking of her with such a happy occasion!

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