Mom's Rehabilitation

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

In the past six weeks, I've had quite an education while watching this Rehab process.

I should be a certified caregiver by now since I've spent years helping my folks. :) Month by month, I've learned new tips and techniques to make help them live a better life.

Now, I watch and take photos of Mom at rehab, both OT and PT (and even mental challenges like puzzles) so that we can do them later at her new Assisted Living home. I hope to maintain what she has gained there (including eight pounds).

It's really quite amazing how small movements and actions weeks ago, lead to standing up and walking a few steps now -- at age 95 -- after surgery from a broken hip.

I am stunned, daily, by what my 95-year old mother does! She was riding a bike, slowly of course, but riding that stationary bike with her hip still healing. Mind you she only has use of her left arm -- still can't do anything with the right arm (broken shoulder).

My mother is AMAZING -- today she inspired another fellow in Rehab.

There’s a guy down the hall that I say Hello to here and there. Today, he came to the Gym for his rehab, while mom was still there. When the therapist was bringing him into the room, I heard him tell her "I’m scared to death". I remember, weeks ago, a therapist asked Mom: "Are you in pain or are you afraid to walk?" She was scared.

Remembering that I started to tell him moms story of the past six weeks. I told him she’s 95 (fairly sure he is younger by a decade or two), broke her shoulder and her hip and, look at her now. So I’m telling him how good mom did in the last six weeks, he asked again, how long? Six weeks she's been here.

Then he’s talking to her cheering her on: "GO Jennie". He told her he's watching her, she is his new role model. MY MOTHER -- AT 95. I think she is his new inspiration for doing rehab as he should. ❤️❤️

So happy for Mom, making these small movements and feeling JOY over each one.

I also feel happy today for his new mindset, simply from watching her, and recognizing what is truly possible for him today.

p.s. I certainly don't mean to say this is easy. It is not.

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Your mom
by: Irwin

Your mom is a keeper. At 80, going on 81, I want to be like her when I grow up.
Love and best wishes to you both.
Irwin & Dolly

Wendy: Me too, Irwin!

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