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Retirement Dec 2013
by: plp

I will be 64 - yet I have great anxiety on "what will I do". Yet I know I will volunteer and other things, yet this keeps creeping in my mind - what will I do?

I have worked, then raised kids, and now have 24 years at this college.

I'm scared yet I know I do not want to work full-time anymore. I'm hoping to find something fullfilling part-time - will that happen. I scared! Hopefully it all works out - I mean how much longer did I expect to work anyway.

Retireing May 1st
by: Anonymous

Well I am retiring May 1st 2013. I will be 55. After almost 28yrs in Law Enforcement I'm done.

My career has provided my family and I sufficiently. Never got rich ( you can't in this business). I have saved a good amount over the years in my 401/457 plans. My pension will be about 55-56% of my current wage.

But, I too, as others I have read on here have some anxiety over leaving. I guess this is normal.

My buddy said he 2nd guessed himself for about a month and then it didn't matter anymore and loved being retired. Me, I'm probably more analytical on things, and just want to make sure it is right.

We have secured a financial adviser. He says we are fine and presented a plan. My wife will work a little longer after I retire. Even with all the preparation, I still am apprehensive about it. Mainly giving up a good paying job. Although I wont miss all the BS,the administration, and the unknowns of the job.

I have told other co-workers who retired, "relax, enjoy, and don't look back. You have earned it. No regrets." Guess I should take my own advice uh? It is still a very big step in life.

Anybody else out there like myself?

Wendy Its really not all about finances. Many in law enforcement retire early... if that's you, you might want to find something new to do, especially if your wife remains working. It simply depends on your mindset.

Retirement IS a HUGE transition in life. Law enforcement co-workers are often pretty "tight" with each other... so that those relationships are lost later, or, at least, very different.

Do lunch with other retirees, find new friends, get busy in your community and you'll love it. Sit at home alone, not so much.

Best Wishes!!

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