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by: Carl

I joined a company from school as an apprentice and stayed their until last year when I was given medical retirement at the age of 40.

To start off with it seemed like I had won the lottery and I had a free holiday. It seemed like fun to start with but after a few months of no routine in my life, I started seeing life differently. At 40 your mind/body isn't at its most stable.

Whilst at work I was treated younger than my age, now I feel older than my age. So mentally I've made a big physiological jump.

not being busy anymore...
by: Pat

I became early retired at age 50 after working 33 years at an airline. The reason for me was moving from my home country to Canada.

Well, I have three kids who still live with me and my husband. In a way it is good to have them around as I love them so much and they can keep me a busy mom at the age of 57.

But, I have missed my social life, my co-workers, my friends, my work, and a lot more...because after retirement I have started life in a new country.

So, when I don't have a job, how can I socialize with other people? how can I meet people?

The best thing that I have done so far is registering at a gym...I really like to work, but don't know where to start at this point. Thanks for your reply.

by: Anonymous

Hi so glad I found this site.
I took my final salary pension age 50 and I don't know how I could have been so stupid as I lost so much money and did not need to take it.

I think I was having mental problems at the time as I had been made redundant a few years earlier and had lost myself. I just did not think long term into the future. All I do now is worry about the future and when I get really old and might end up on my own.

I am so lucky now as I have relatives I live with and look after me but they are older. The worse part of all this is that I cannot forgive myself and move on as I brought it all on myself and I could have waited quite a few years before taking the pension.

So I have some savings now but no private pension of any real amount for the future and I could have. I feel terrible and just keep going over and over the same things in my mind.

retired today! :-)
by: Tn friend

I retired today at 52. I felt a need to due to my mother's health. I have made the mental adjustment years ago to find outside activities of interest and start a business.

Moving 2000 miles east from Arizona. Yes, I will miss many of my co workers but know those who maintain contact will still be friends. It's a new adventure.

No, I don't have lots of money but my home is nearly paid for and I traveled the world in my 20s. I know it was the right decision for me.

Keep the faith and find outside interests. That will keep you happy and healthy.

Amazing mistake
by: Anonymous

No one made me retire except wife's nagging for years to move to east coast.. I still did not have to, but did it at 55.. BIG MISTAKE SO FAR.

Start with little things
by: George

Retirement hasn't been what I expected and for quite some time I floundered. Day after day passed and I did nothing but sit and watched TV.

State of mind, health and interest in life all suffered. I recognized I was on a bad path and made my self change some habits.

I made a list of things to do each day and week so each day had some purpose. I started small, joined a gym, started a small garden and picked up a book. It all begin with 15 minutes on a treadmill, a few begonias and Dicked's David Copperfield. Every day now I start the day with at least an hour at the gym then spend an hour in the garden. I enjoy reading but I think the gym and gardening saved my life.

One thing I've stopped doing is watching the nightly news and my mood is much better.

Overcoming depression of retirement
by: DeniseMc

My I suggest to anyone with money woes and a yard to putter in. Seeds are cheap. Start a garden, you fill your time with busy work, and cut your grocery bill by not buying those increasingly vital fruits and veggies so crucial to stay healthy. Learn to can and freeze some of the goodies grown in the garden. Those without yards can have container might find a local farmers market or stand to make a few dollars to sell some of your bounty.

Neighbors may even enjoy buying ur home grown goodies at a cheaper price than the store charges and they will not have to drive just walk across the street. neighbors also appreciate knowing where and how food was grown. Don't GIVE UP. Get that brain going and you will find a way to make it. I could go on but that's my 2 cents.

Good luck and keep trying no matter what.

Retirement Freedom & the emotional price we pay for it
by: freeat53

i have found myself very irritated and easily aggravated lately. i have concluded that it's due to a few things and these things are fundamental for feeling good about living.

Firstly; if we have no purpose to get out of bed, then why would we?

We humans need a PURPOSE/REASON/MOTIVATOR to get us out of bed and greet the day. If we have nothing that compels us to open our eyes, get our butts out of bed and get going, then that leads to feelings of purposelessness.

Secondly; if we have no sense of purpose in our lives, there is lack of direction, routine in our lives and humans are creatures of habit and we need some structure in our day.

When we feel good about contributing to something, then we feel useful. We are social creatures as well, so daily contact with others is essential to our feelings of being a useful being.

Thirdly; without having a purpose to get out of bed each day, we have nothing to look forward to (and that causes us to feel useless) - what is our reason for living if we can't even get ourselves out of bed in the morning? right!

We need a reason...

ok, so now we know what causes us to feel so miserable, empty, useless, purposeless, apathetic and not too happy to greet the day, so how do we change it, improve it and get back to loving life?

Being a participant (and not just a spectator) in our life requires us to exhaust our search for meaningful activities that validates our self-worth. Volunteer work, big brother/sister, animal causes, school help, activist aid, soup kitchen, work part-time, community help and for personal pleasure; take seminars, sing in a choir, learn new language or musical instrument, gather others for card games, take up cheap hobbies, post notices in your apartment bldg for others to take daily walks together..... creating a satisfying life seems like a job but it's our job to do our best at living a satisfying life and not expecting it to just happen on it's own.

Retirement, an empty nest or staying at home on disability may require some time to adapt to the many changes these entail but we have to create a reason for us to get out of bed each day by taking on new activities, reaching out to others and fulfilling our needs of being useful, having purpose and loving the life we live each day.

This was very therapeutic for me - by sharing my thoughts, i have been able to put in perspective, my lack of motivation, loss of zest in life and not being able to enjoy much over the past few years.... thanx (*_*)

Wendy: I hope you will consider posting in the future... great thoughts here. We cannot retire to NOTHINGNESS.. no way, no how!

Keep busy folks.. theres a whole new life waiting for you!

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