Mornings are not the problem

by Paul
(Watkins Glen)

A great article and thank you for the advice.

I wake each morning, after 7-8 hours, without the assistance of an alarm clock, giving thanks for another day before my daily routine starts.

Then my routine starts, eating breakfast, as I watch the news for about an hour, then I spend an hour on the treadmill, walking 3 miles 6-7 days a week, followed by one chore I have chosen ahead of time, and that usually carries me until 10am.

However, after that is where I run into problems. It seems I cannot focus on a way to continue the day. Two days a week, I force myself to go into town, visiting or shopping, to just get out and be among people, and being so introverted it is sometimes very difficult to accomplish.

Then I return home and eat lunch, spend 10-15 minutes meditating, and then again not sure what I should do, but generally force myself to read for 30 minutes or so. Any longer, I cannot concentrate, so that makes spending more time reading useless. As warmer weather arrives I spend sometime enjoying being outside and watching nature, realizing how great each day is.

In the afternoon, I seem to drift until the end of the day, accomplishing some things now and then, but mostly I cannot focus enough to stay on task.

I am a firm believer that I am here for a reason, and that reason will be made clear to me at some point, but I have been drifting for the past year or so.

When I retire, I give another thanks for another day given, and asking for a sign of my next purpose. I realize that sometime the purpose is to just be, but it seems I have been there too long.

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GOOD Mornings!
by: Wendy,

WOW, you already have a great morning routine! You are pretty darn active in the mornings! Good for you!

We are focused on mornings this week... but who knows: (1) you might change something to help you even more with life (2) we might do a Keeping Busy Challenge at some point!


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