Moved from Venezuela to Key Biscane in Retirement

by Eva P

I moved from Caracas, Venezuela to Miami, Fl, particularly to Key Biscane.

I lived all my life at Caracas with my husband, daughter and two sons. After the three of them got married, my husband and I decided to vacation to the lovely area of Key Biscane.

That trip made me fall in love with the beautiful beaches, the tranquility and peace that reign in the area.

I decided to go back to Miami six months later, for a month and a half, because I wanted to get familiarized with the area. This helped me convince myself to start looking for an amazing apartment that complimented the rest of my stay.

We bought a beautiful two bedroom, two bathroom apartment at beach front. It was great because one of my dearest and closest friends had an apartment in the exact same complex, so we started making our traveling dates coincide, so that we could have someone to hang out with, go shopping, etc.

After we got the apartment I started to go there and stayed longer and longer, and started to meet people. I had a great group of girlfriends that I could count on for everything.

I loved being there, it was so peaceful and so different from home, there was no chaos, no husband nagging, no complaints of any kind, the only thing that I could do while at my apartment was have a great time.

I met lots of people, whom coincidentally were also from Venezuela, that had decided to buy a second home at Key Biscane to eventually retire there.

It is a very comfortable neighborhood, everything you need is close by, there's no need to go into Miami, except if you want to do major shopping. There's a lot of parks, the beaches, places to exercise outdoors, lots of security, the best restaurants in town are there as well.

In all the time I have been here, still yet to find a negative thing about being here.

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