Moved into New Retirement, with Challenges

by diane
(british columbia canada)

The beginning of the Many Seasons of Retirement!

The beginning of the Many Seasons of Retirement!

This website has been very helpful in my retirement. It took me from panic to being able to plan and actually retire at the end of may this year.

I moved to another town to be closer to one of my daughters and my grandchildren. So it has been a busy summer but one thing that I am noticing and no one seems to have mentioned this is that I have to relearn a number of things.

In my work life (I am single) I would come home from a stressful day flop on the couch and watch tv. and begin again the same the next day. to tired to do much of anything. Social life, minimal, was weekends was chores and seeing family when they were available. I lived in an apartment so no yard work.

NOW...bought a semi detached home in a retirement community and find I have to learn how to manage a house - how do you set air conditioning? what do I do with a furnace? and yard work - what does a weed look like compared to a flower?

Oh boy, how many years since I cooked for anyone? I want to invite my daughter and her family to dinner....

So retirement for me becomes a real learning experience...hopefully I am capable of it and by the way I don't miss work even a little bit....

Wendy: I love this -- you found a new challenge in retirement and you will figure it all out, little by little. Its a whole new lifestyle in retirement and it always requires re-inventing yourself a bit -- new routines, new time frames, new entertainment, whatever!

As for dinner, there are so many great frozen products today. At the worst, you can always still "do dinner" in a very simple manner and yet giving them a night out! Just think -- even if it burns, its a great family memory -- and someone runs out for a quick pizza!

Very happy for you! Go Girl Go!

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by: Nancy

Boy, retirement sure is a big adjustment. You did well by moving close to your daughter.

I've found that retirement for me is reinventing myself. I've been retired almost 2 years and I'm still learning.

We have a huge beautiful yard which my husband takes care of, but I feel guilty b/c I don't help although I've offered many times. Maybe he is afraid I'll mess it up LOL!

Before I started my last stressful job, in 2007, I was volunteering at the Humane Society and playing in a community band. I had no interest in those things after I retired.

I understand about the plopping on the sofa after work. I've tried to avoid the sofa as much as possible now that I am retired.

Take care.

by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

l am sooo happy for u. How wonderful for u that u have made a great decision to buy your new home, u r going to really enjoy this phase of your retirement!

l wish u an awesome future, learning to cook all over & maybe even learn how to bake on a cold dreary day. How nice for u* AND u also have grandchildren to share all that with, that is very fortunate. U can plant flowers * shrubs, & your whole family will watch them grow year after year.

l wish u & your family much happiness in the future for years to come~~ God bless u all. Regards


by: Arthur C. Ford,Sr.,poet/editor

i'm 64 years young,semi-retired (still part/time teach) and publish a poetry newsletter out of my home.

Try poetry,it's thought provoking,you meet a lot of people and their thoughts and best of all it will keep your romantic thoughts in your head.

see my info. at

your new friend,

by: Dee


What an inspirational story. Sounds like you are
really enjoying life in your new home

Perhaps a good idea for a quick less messy meal
Would be a one pot meal in a slow cooker.
All in ingredients in one pot for a tasty curry, Coq au vinor casserole. Serve with fresh crusty bread .


Retirement is a great gift to oneself.
by: Liz in Georgia

Have to agree retirement requires some getting used to. After working fifty years, it was a new experience to have time on my hands and not be forced to do the housework, shopping, ironing and whatever on Saturday.

There's different strokes for different folks. One friend says she started planning six months before retirement what she was going to do and take part in upon retirement. I just decided to play it by ear and sleep as long as I wanted to and do some things I could never do before like have Saturdays free.

If this person lives in a retirement community, retirement many times can be made easy as far as
what to do because they have so many planned activities one may take part in.

My only advice is make it as simple as possible and do stuff that you never had time for before and enjoy doing. My thing was learning to line dance and going to workshops and meetings where they dance and also love traveling and save a dime I can to do wonderful trips.

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