"Movement At Hand"

by Ricardo

My fellow retirees and soon to be, I write this as I am beginning to gather up our "stuff" and begin a move to a new community, and a new way of life.

We have lived in this particular house since 1977. Personally, I have lived in this small suburban town since my parents decided the rent in the big city was getting "to high", it went from ten dollars to twelve dollars a month in our "cold water flat" in a large metro area....way back in 1953.

My father had had enough, and we purchased a small cape cod in the "so called unchartered" western suburbs...some twenty miles west of the city that I was born in, and in which ALL of my relatives still lived. They all thought that my father was a bit wacky, but move we did.

My two older brothers have long since moved out of this community to other states, but I remained for the last sixty one years. It felt good, like an old shoe does. I married, raised a family, and now as I look around the rooms piled high with boxes, and overwhelmed with memories of this town, this house, these people, I realize that much time has passed, and it is time to make some new memories.

I had originally wanted to move to a warmer climate, but of course my other half would have none of that....grand kids you know. So, we kind of compromised and have settled on a over 55 community about an hour away, but a bit closer to our grandchildren....will they remember who we are in ten years?

Oh well, I am kind of viewing this as a "new adventure." I cannot wait to be sitting by the pool with all this "moving stress" behind us.

I now realize why many of us just "die in place"....it is overwhelming to say the least! We are closing on March 13th, with possession on Saint Patty's Day....maybe it's an omen, or the luck of the Irish....of course with a name like Ricardo.....I don't know!

Once we get settled in in our new "digs", I will present an update to those who care to follow my adventure with perhaps some insights to others that are planning "the big move." for now.....back to packing, painting, sweeping, stacking, and what ever else my "other half" assigns me to do....she's becoming a drill sergeant......and the beat goes on!

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by: Pat

Your move sounds exciting Ricardo....most defintely keep the Retirement Community updated on this new lifestyle.

My other half has been pestering me about possibly moving to an over 55 community because of all the maintenance and yard work attached to our current house, which by the way is all payed for.

I keep telling him I'm not so sure if a move would make our life any less stress-free, so it will be great to hear about your new adventure...pros and cons.

Good Luck.

Happy Moving!
by: Betty

Hi! Good luck with your big move.

It is a very scarey decision, but usually it turns out to be great once you get everything unpacked and start to enjoy your new home and new community. I hope it goes really well for you and your wife.

We have moved many times over the past 30 years. It always seemed like an impossible task, but, day by day things get put where they should be and life carries on.

Take care, Betty

Recent Move
by: Irwin

Good luck in your new digs, Ricardo.

My wife and I have lived in more homes than I care to mention in our 50 plus years of marriage.

As a matter of fact, I am somewhat amazed that we are in the one we are in, as long as we are now as we have passed our usual "time to move on" point in our lives.

But, be that as it my, I am sure that you will enjoy your new home and that you are looking forward to meeting new friends and starting yet another chapter in your life.

Stay well.

Adventurous Move
by: Dean

Ricardo, By all means, let us know how your move goes so we can vicariously enjoy your adventure. I can understand your desire to try something new after 61 years in the same place.

My wife and I almost relocated at retirement but then decided we were better off staying put. We've lived in 5 places during our 43 years of marriage. We started our life together up north but in 93 the weather, taxes and business climate got the best of us so we moved south. It was a good move and in 96 we built our dream, retirement home and it has worked well for us.

I plan to stay in this house as long as I can handle the maintenance.

Over X# communities
by: Lynn

Hi Ricardo,

We went to a presentation of an over 62 "life care" community yesterday (great lunch marvelous chocolate dessert). Nice place, just 25 miles from where our home is.

After talking to residents, who were present, and listening to the goals we decided over anything communities are not for us. (not now anyway). We still want signs of life and children around us, grand kids but also families.

It is interesting that such communities now allow pets (very good for you once other responsibilities are gone). But we still work part time out of the home, and need an empty garage for a hobby room (so cars must be in the driveway or on the street). And I like going to my own favorite activity, line dancing.)

Anyway for now it's not for us but let us know how it goes for you two!

by: Goldie

Please be sure to update us on your move.
Just click on the "Friendship Here" link on the right side of this screen.
Best wishes and good luck!

A New Road
by: Nina from London

Dear Ricardo,
The reflections that you wrote about mortality moved me very much. It made me think about those people that I have lost but also my own life. Thank you.

It looks like you are taking a new road by moving. A few years ago (3 years) I moved but slowly but surely I became familiar with the area and the new road and of course the shops.

Now it is home and the other place is just a memory. I must say it took a while to get rid of things and sort out the many objects that I had stored. But thankfully it was done. When I moved I left a huge 5 bedroom house and then I was in a small 3 bedroom.

Great change!

May your move go smoothly and that you will be happy living on a new road.

Best Wishes, Nina

This is to wish you the best as you relocate and that you will be happy in the new place.

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