Movie: Downton Abbey

by Colleen

Finally saw the new Downton Abbey new movie. Beautifully filmed and the costumes were lovely. Nice to the characters that were in the tv series and prior movie.

Wendy: I never watched Downton Abbey on TV but we did see the movie a week or so ago. I loved it so much -- I loved the history I learned (funeral, movie-making before and after voice was added, how men inherited homes/wealth and women did not). Costumes, the great home itself, the whole thing was so interesting to me.

I am now starting from Season 1 on tv and watching the full show from the beginning.

I agree, great movie!

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Downtown Abbey
by: Nick / Philadelphia

My wife and I binge watched the series, and we couldn't wait to see the movie. It was good, not great. I loved seeing the characters and was particularly when Tom finds his partner. But for the most part it was a little contrived...but I did love it overall.

Downton Abbey
by: Donna/Louisiana

I hope to see this soon. Then again, I haven't seen the first movie yet! I watched the whole series on TV when it came out, and again when it was rerun. Then AGAIN when it was streaming for free! I love love love that series.

Downton Abbey
by: Donna/North Carolina

I saw Downton Abbey last week and loved it. I think it would be hard to understand the relationships and storyline if you didn't watch the TV series. Since I had seen the series several times and the 1st movie too I didn't have that problem.

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