MOVIE: The Longest Ride 2015

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

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I just watched The Longest Ride movie on tv... and it was a great love story!

Alan Alda -- Did you love him in MASH TV series years ago?

Well, Alan played the elderly man, reliving life through the letters he sent his wife over the years... read to him, over many visits, by a younger lady who helped save his life earlier in the movie. She was living through her own relationship issues as she helped him remember and dream about his deceased wife and life itself.

He had a Love Story that not many have the opportunity to have for a lifetime. A long, accepting, enduring love...

This love story goes back in years, so you get to relive a bit of history -- as well as the normal ups and downs of life. The power of enduring love is a prominent theme, and although I'm not a very emotional person, I loved this movie!

In the end, OOPS -- I can't tell you -- BUT I will say that LOVE SHINES THROUGH the end. He shows just how much his Love meant to him. A great surprise ending!

Go look on your TV and see if you can find this movie too! It's a great heart-warming movie.

P.S. The movie was based on a Nicholas Sparks novel (linked image at top of page). That in itself tells you something as he is the author of The Notebook and eleven of his novels were made into movies!

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by: Leaking Ink/USA

Thanks for sharing. I like getting movie suggestions.

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