Moving, again.

by Glenda
(Canton michigan)

As we all know we all have a a different story in life.

I was the one who had various jobs being a woman with two children. i was divorced when they were only 5 and 6 yrs. old most of the time i had a factory job i was single for about 12 yrs.

Then when my boys graduated i got married again wow what a change of life. i was 41 yrs then i worked on and off my husband had a job for BASF and after a few yrs the plant shut down he got a pension.

any way we moved so many times and lived so many places because my husband is unhappy no matter what and now we are going to move again in August to tennessee. we live in michigan now.

i hope he will finally be happy i can live just about anywhere and be happy so i am looking forward to beautiful tennesse.

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by: Goldie

Dear Glenda,

You have such a positive outlook - why is your husband so unhappy? Moving does not guarantee happiness. Is that what he is trying to find? I am a person who likes stability. To me moving is very disruptive and chaotic. What are your plans?

I wish you the best.

You are a Great Lady
by: Dave, Calif

Glenda, you sound like a real gem. I salute you for your faithfulness. Above and beyond the call. Reminds me of that George Jones, Tammy Wynette song, "My Elusive Dreams."

Best of luck to you.

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