Moving away from adult kids, grandkids.

by Clay, Charleston, SC

I am about to retire at 65. Lost my wife of 44 years in 2018, after decades of illness.

I remarried this year, thrilled about it, we knew each other as children, she moved from FL to SC to live w/me until I retire. I've got two adult kids in SC, she has elderly parents & three adult kids in FL.

We happily agreed in retirement to move about halfway between our two families buying a home in the process in north Florida, home state for both of us and where my brother & his wife live, who is my new wife's sister.
I will make the 4 hour drive back to SC often to see my kids and three grandkids.

Question: Who has ever moved away from your adult children? How did you manage it?

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Moving home
by: Patrick

Not so much that we moved away but our children are scattered across 3 countrie: UK, Canada, Netherlands.

They were a bit upset when we sold the family home and moved to Ireland but we now have a new family home which can accommodate everyone. We also travel to see them several times a year.

As you get older, travel becomes more difficult so you need to take that into consideration. Also there is no family support close by when you get ill. When I had cancer, we were on our own really as they are all so far away.

Also travel in Europe is expensive as you want to see the grandchildren during the holidays when prices shoot up.

We live in quite a remote area and we give ourselves another 3 years before we have to make a decision about moving closer to a town/city and the might mean closer to one of the children.

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