Moving Forward in Life: 2020

by Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

What are YOU trying to achieve this year? Even in retirement, we need to move forward in life. Why live life in a STUCK scenario?

Have you seen this on my site?

Retirement is a Journey, not a Destination.

There is always something new to learn, a bad habit to replace with something new, different routines to try. Retirement demands a new lifestyle. Right?

Let's break down your retired world into several areas, ALL of which deserve your attention.

Here's what I'd like you to do TODAY. I'd like you to examine all of these areas yourself. Rate yourself on each one and then begin to develop goals in each category. You'll find yourself examining your life with a much wider, thoughtful lens.

My answers are provided to help you consider yours! Please take the time to consider your own answers -- help yourself today!

Here we go (Rate how well it's going for you on a scale of 1-10.):

Retirement Mindset - Many retirees need to focus here. We need to have the best retirement attitude going into our retired years. Unfortunately, many retirees never prepared for the mental retirement adjustment of no longer working.

My Score: 8. I enjoy retirement and feel good about my everyday circumstances. I have a good life with my husband. I play the caregiver role to my 90-yr old parents who live fairly independently. I enjoy my retirement work online, and would love to attend more conferences for travel and networking with seniors like me. I do OK -- I would like to do even better!

Community - Your family and friends. We need people in our life even more than ever... as we no longer have daily interactions with co-workers and customers. We also need support more as we age.

My score: 7. As an introvert, I have few good friends. My family is close: parents, sister/husband and her three kids with their families. My community of "friends" are my website friends, Facebook friends, and church friends. I do need to get out of the house more... the introvert in me does not like this goal! BUT I do a weekly Bible Study Fellowship meeting and have met some new people in that way.

Finances - Consider both your income & expenses. Does your income meet your monthly expenses? Are you worried about having enough? When is enough enough?

My score: 8. I need to really take the time to consider retirement withdrawals so that we don't overpay taxes. Also, I am eligible for Social Security but have chosen to wait... BUT I turn age 65 this year! Yikes! I will have to enroll in Medicare and need to have SS started for that deduction! Get Busy here, Wendy!

Romance/Intimacy - It's easy to take your partner for granted. What do you intend to do to keep your relationship happy?

My score: 8. After 40+ years together, relationships are still complicated and life is rarely perfect. All good here.
2020 Goal is for more weekend day trips!

Health/Self-Care - Give your aging body attention.

My score: 5. I'm not a physical person. Bad Wendy! I'm not heavy but could lose a few pounds. I need to exercise... ugggg. I need to do something to maintain what I have… so that I don't lose my physical abilities. Also to push exercise with my parents to keep them as fit as possible.

Social/Fun - What do you do for Fun? Do you take classes? Do you get out much? Can you define "Fun" in retirement?

My score: 5. Last Year, A friend asked "What did you do for FUN this week?" I was kinda surprised, I thought FUN? Seriously, I even told her that the question and "fun" word surprised me. However the definition of fun is yours and yours alone. Thought Provoking! This gal needs more FUN. I do enjoy my website work, but I need more outings, day trips, etc. Walk away from the computer, Wendy!

Personal/Spiritual Development - What do you do for yourself? You and You Alone. What do you do for your soul? How do you keep mentally alert, fulfilled and motivated to pursue life?

My score: 9. I enjoy my church family and volunteer there on Sundays. I spend oodles of time taking online classes, listening to self-help audio/video, and improving myself. Keep On Keeping On! I'm good here and love every moment!

Physical Environment - It's difficult to live a good life when your physical environment doesn't help. Consider your home, the furniture and looks of your environment, the location. What needs to change? Buy new? Downsize? Rearrange to suit your new retired lifestyle? Dump things you no longer need to declutter your environment and make your space more liveable?
It's not always about living near family, though that obviously can help as we age.

My score: 5. I've been in my home for 30 years and I'm mentally ready to move to a different home. Should I look for a ranch home (no stairs)? Do we still want a large yard? Do I downsize or not yet?

Procrastination happens… for TWO whole years now. I want to declutter things that won't go with me. I want to find a new home, my retirement home, and move. Hasn't happened yet,...

What are your goals for the next year? If you write them out, feel free to send them to me! I'd love to see your intentions!

There is so much more life to live!

Sending Retirement Blessings, Wendy

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Put down the mouse
by: Jane Curtis/Hawkins, Texas

I really enjoyed reading your post. I have to agree with all of it. How good are you at stepping away from the computer? So many are clamoring for your attention. How do you know which squeaky wheel gets the oil?

I find that it is easier to Put Down the Mouse than to step away from the computer. You see my other fingers know how to cause trouble too. I tried holding my right hand behind me but my left is so useless without its companion my bursitis wakes up just to make me rejoin the left with the right... then the cycle starts again. Now I am really talking silly. There you go... my fingers are doing the talking again.

You think stepping away from the computer is the right answer after all. This is a lap top... I can take it with me... Yikes (your best word) here we go again.

Have a great New Years Eve. See ya next year.

Wendy: Yes, Jane... mine is a laptop too. I am sitting at Moms right now, spent the night watching them, and writing from her living room. Yes, that is the problem -- I take it wherever I go! :)

Right there with you!
by: Laura in Vermont

Hi Wendy,

Something jumped out at me in your finance paragraph. I was 65 in June so I retired then and started Medicare. It all works out fine unless you have earned income. If you're just now turning 65 and you have earned income, you may want to start your Medicare without starting to draw Social Security. Medicare will bill you the premiums, trust me. And you don't screw up your checks with income from your blogs and such. I have no such income so it isn't bothering me, but your situation may well differ.

My biggest problem is nothing new. I, like you, HATE exercise. They taught me to hate it in elementary school. But there's a need to keep the ability to walk around without falling over, carry the groceries up into the house, stuff like that. Le sigh. So I'm trying to sneak up on a solution a little at a time.

Retirement is mostly good other than that. I'm so glad I did it when I did. Right after me several senior staff at the agency took the leap too. It was time.

Happy New Year, and keep up the good works!

Retirement is a Journey Indeed
by: Canadian Retiree

Wendy you hit the nail on the head about retirement being a journey perhaps one of life’s most interesting but challenging journey. I’m still learning as I go what it is for me.

I’m not as stuck as I was last year this time. My goal in 2020 is to continue improving my health and exercise routine. I’m also continuing my art classes. I find it a very relaxing hobby. I might sign up for pano again.

I am worried about my husband’s health and our house needs some repairs and updates but I can’t let it get me down. I did apply for a couple of part time jobs but no response yet so not sure about that.

As for putting down the mouse I not only have a PC but I still have a couple of laptops which I don’t use plus my IPhone and IPad which are always near by! Have to cut back on IPhone and Ipad lol.

Have a great New Years!

New language
by: Paul / France

Hi Wendy,

Sounds like you're right on track--except the physical thing. You gotta exercise! No choice in the matter. Use it or lose it is absolutely true and goes double for seniors.

I started working out at at age 12 and though I'm not the "jock" type, I've always loved exercise (I'm 65 now). This year I'll be trying out different training methods and will probably get back into martial arts 1 or 2 days a week.

My main project for 2020 is learning Italian. I started studying it 3 years ago, and my goal is to become fluent this year. I'm within spitting distance and since I'm retired, I can work my Italian all day. Yay!

I've only been retired 4 months, but I love it. It's great finally being able to do what I want. Was it a difficult change? Not in the least! Couldn't wait to stop punching the clock.

Have a great 2020!

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