Moving mistake

by Ellie
(placerville ca)

I made a mistake moving from a cute cottage to a retirement village
that I find very depressing.

I am 82 but really feel more like 40, in my own head.

I also miss moving away from grown daughter and two cats. unaffordable and so depressed looking at poor people with dementia.

It's my own fault...and scared to make another move.

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by: Loyce!

You can choose to remain unhappy or choose to move back near your daughter and cats.

Retirement Community
by: Goldie

What community did you buy into?
Maybe something can be done to help you undo this situation.

Senior Living
by: Nina


My sister Maria moved this past year to a special Senior Comples and found everyone was much older. Although they have nice facilities...swimming pool, recreational area, computer room and days out...she's not happy.

Like yourself she was closer in her last home (condominium). Her daughter had recommended she buy this place because it would be better financially. However, she doesn't know what to do.

Lots of changes in her life and she is afraid to once again move. As for making it a more exciting place the only thing I suggested is to find out if there was a Senior Centre or Adult Education place near her so she could get into some of her hobbies...painting, playing the piano and so on.

Hope it get easier for you and that you will find solutions.

Best Wishes, Nina

by: Ned

I would find some outside intersts too keep me sane out side of the retirement home many organizations would welcome your help like church, Senior Center, even schools and the nice part about volunteering is you can call the times and it will get you out with other people.

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