Moving Notes, and Sundry things

by Ricardo

As some of you are aware who visit this web site, I am in the process of moving, and with the move, I am uncovering "lost treasures" in this house that we have lived in for some thirty seven years.

I was in a "poem writing phase" in another life some forty five years ago, and just could not recall whether or not I saved some of my pieces or not. Well.....low and behold, some of them have been rediscovered, much to my joy!

If I may, I would like to share some of these pieces from "the early years", mainly the late sixties and early seventies. There was a lot of turmoil in our country at that time, as well as turmoil within my own little world.

These pieces reflect some of my thoughts and emotional feelings at the time. I hope that they may be of interest to some of you.

Keep in mind that these ramblings were penned by someone in their very early twenties.....I currently take responsibility for their content....I just find them interesting in retrospect.

"Chained"...the brook the brook, the rivers edge,slowly descending the mountain peak, Cool and refreshing, crisp and invigorating...The noise of silence everywhere would somehow baffle the city dweller.....yet he must escape to the out-of-doors....just to detach himself from the ball and chain of modern times.....He ponders his existence, his wife, his children, and his job......he sits and watches the free flying birds, and considers joining them in flight.....yet, he knows that life's chain is much to burdensome to cast off without a struggle....Man is a simple piece of clay molded into society's own image and likeness.....Monday will come, and with it, yet another mechanical five day week, which he must endure until he is to old to appreciate the freedom of being .....unchained!

This piece was written when I was nineteen years old, back in 1966. "The Silence Of Night"...the silence of abundance of corn and starving people, nocturnal movements begin....animal life begins to flourish.....and people die!

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by: Anonymous

Your poem has thoughtful insights into the future of a much older person. I wonder how you feel now that you are 'unchained'. It's quite remarkable that you could write that way. Perhaps you had been talking to a senior relative and related it to how they felt at the time.

Do you still write poetry? I began writing what I thought was poetry when I was in my middle years. Some of those 'poems' would not bear scrutiny today, but they improved through taking English correspondence courses. Now I want to share my poems but find few people are interested.

I would like to see more of your work if you care to share.

Best wishes,

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