Music of our Retirement!

by Julie Grenness, in Australia.

What is the music of your retirement?

Music is good for us all. The love of music is as innate as listening to our mother’s heartbeat and breathing rhythm, as babies in the womb.

Essentially, now we are in our retirement, music has many benefits. It is good for listening to enhance our mood. We can listen to calming or classical music at bedtime, to relax and enhance a better night’s sleep. At other times,
we listen to our favourite music for the sheer pleasure of enjoyment.

Music can invoke happy nostalgic memories of the iconoclastic musicians and tunes, especially of our teenage years. For example, rock’n’roll shall never die. Every generation seems to reinvent the steady beat in a novel approach. Baby boomers still appreciate the classic tunes of the fifties, sixties, and seventies, reminiscing to their favourite musicians.

Recall this one: “Are you going to San Francisco?” Did you ever have flowers in your hair? Our world was a lot younger and less cynical then. As we all were, or so it seems.

Additionally, playing music can also be a beneficial experience. Many retirees, in their leisure time, turn to learn or revisiting the playing of a musical instrument. It has been proven to be a relaxing, stress-busting, and good for brain training, pastime. Many hours can pass, and it can be good for social benefits with like-minded musos of any age.

As well as all this, we can exercise to music. It is never too late to develop a healthy physical improvement program. Faster music increases our heart-rate and effort. Music can put a smile on anyone’s face, so grab some earphones, even for walking, and pace along.

Yes, music possesses great healing effects. It is good for seniors with memory loss. Listening to music is now a trend for rehabilitation for people with strokes or other aging issues.

So, what is your favourite listening? Relax….

Retirement is for our golden years, ‘golden oldies!!!”

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June -- write to me
by: Wendy, retirement enthusiast

June, Write to me.
Tell me about your friend and her family -- I'm fairly good at finding people online and will try for you!

Loved your music mini-blog
by: June in Wisconsin USA

Thanks for sharing. Music can be a healer, alas, sometimes it brings bittersweet memories.

I lost touch with my lifelong friend in Perth (and her family) when she became ill with dementia. I miss them all even though we have not seen each other on decades.

Today I will play cheerful tunes and reconnect with the magic music has to heal us all.

Thanks for reminding me to listen with my heart.

Xm Satellite Radio!
by: Carrie/Texas

Every day I listen to Sixties on 6 while walking 20-30 minutes. If I can't walk outside, I'll walk around the house. It always lifts my spirits!

by: Anonymous

Céline Dion

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