My Beloved Sam

by Sheila Finkelstein

My Beloved Sam has been gone for 6 1/2 years and there are special times like these that I especially miss him.

He had a very deep, quiet sense of humor and I wonder what he would have written for his obituary had he or I ever thought to do it. After reading this, I wanted to turn to him, read it to him and ask what he would have written.

One of the reasons Sam became more present for me was that he was born just a year before Walter and both were from Philadelphia.... different schools though. We, too, ultimately moved to Florida, so as I searched for commonalities Sam was very present.

You can meet Sam and see/read some of his humor, and photographic talent, on the web page I put up on the first anniversary of his death. It was my way of presencing his warmth and love. See
Sam Smiles.

Be sure to click on the links for Artist Rob and Romantic Joe. Photos of our sons at 18 months and 2 years with the captions he wrote.

My way of initially dealing with Sam's death was to put up the web page with the PDF of what I wrote and compiled from what others also said about him. I read it aloud at the memorial service we had. You'll see also I put up recordings of what our granddaughter sang.

When it got to the first anniversary, referenced above, I was able to appreciate and celebrate his/our life together in this way moving past focusing on the various aspects of Parkinson's in the last year and my anger and subsequent guilts.

Wendy: I think this is a great way to memorialize someone. I hope other retirees will consider this, even with a free site. It's a wonderful way to leave memories out there for future generations too! Thanks Sheila!

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Response to Walter's Obit
by: Sheila Finkelstein

Thanks for publishing this here, Wendy.

To set the stage for readers who might be wondering about some of what I wrote - this was, originally written as a too long comment to a previous blog post on the site - Walter's Obit.

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