My Career after Retirement

by Barbara S
(Fridley, MN)

I decided 2 years after I retired at 59 that I needed structure in my life.

I saw an ad in the community education catalog wanting people to clean houses for seniors. I signed up. I only had a few clients, then had a lot of clients.

Most have went into nursing homes or passed away and I only have 3 clients left through the county. However, through word of mouth, I now have 20 clients. Not every week, but some once a month, every 3 weeks, every other week, and one every week.

So far my body is holding up...but have been thinking about cutting back and by next December 2023 when I turn 70 I want to fully retire.

The thing is, I've become good friends with all my clients and really don't want to, or know how to tell them I'm retiring.

But I know it's something I need to do because if I'm still cleaning at 75...UGH!

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Marvel People
by: William, HI

Talk about motivation at 59. people need people that just won't quit. To come out the grinder at 59 then turnaround and go back in, is nothing short of heroic.

I know your suit isn't like the Marvels today; and I'm sure there's one waiting for you at the Marvels studio ready and waiting.

It's that female voice that commands the audience when she says; I'll be back!

Who would have thought, Grandmother is coming to save us.

My Thoughts
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach

I have a friend who visits different people, almost daily, to keep himself busy. He is mid-80s and has a list of old friends in nursing homes, assisted living, hospitals that he travels and visits. They wait for his visits -- and it keeps him active (both mentally and physically).

Sometimes, just one visit a day, sometimes he visits several while he is in one area. Often, he takes them out to lunch or an event. This is his ministry as he ages and attempts to stay active. I love it.

If you are ready to retire, by all means, do it! You've earned your downtime. Woot!

However, if you can't do the physical work anymore, but want to remain helpful -- you might look into being a Senior Companion. There are volunteer jobs like this and paid jobs.

You might write a letter to all your clients telling them that age prevents cleaning much longer, but you will miss them. You've realized you care about your clients and wondered if anyone would be interested in your services as a Senior Companion?

If anyone inquires, you can sit down and answer questions on what you are willing to do, and what your rates are -- hourly? half day?

Maybe you are simply a transporter for doctor appointments when the adult children are busy working? Maybe you choose only to do home visits and friendly chatter (to inform the family they are ok)?

Definition from Google to help you choose your parameters:

What does a companion do for the elderly?
A companion can help step in and provide assistance when it's needed, without any judgment. Transportation services. A senior companion can help provide rides to doctor's appointments, social events, religious services, and more, while also helping the senior run errands, go grocery shopping, and even plan fun outings.

You might even do this with new clients only. and others offer a place to show your offer online... look at what others are willing to do and what their hourly is.

On, I put in my zip code and chose senior care and although I didn't register it said there were 44 jobs available with an average of $23 per hour. I assume many are caregiver jobs which is likely not what you'd seek but I bet there are a few companion jobs too!

Just writing this to point out you may have a gift of caring for others. Simple chatter and friendship can help someone in their walk through life. As you likely know, families are often too busy to deal with seniors... and maybe there is a place for you IF this sounds good. It's a win-win for the family and for you!

Best Wishes!

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