My Current Retirement (2 Years)

by Cindi H.

I retired a little over 2 years ago. Went through the loss of daily contact with co-workers (huge loss to me because I do love to chatter for a few minutes here and there), had to learn that life without constant production of work is allowed. My hubby is also retired (3 years).

Currently, we both take piano lessons twice a month - on different days because I love talking with my teacher after the lesson - she's 86 and we have a lot in common.

We also attend a 2 hour class every Saturday to learn Lithuanian. That's my ethnic background and my wonderful Irish/English husband enjoys it, too. One of the most difficult languages to learn but we're enjoying the interaction with classmates.

Periodically we sign up for short classes at our local church. They usually run about 6 weeks. I also am on Facebook sites for Lithuanian genealogy to try to find connections and to learn about customs from that country. Every few months I donate blood at the Red Cross.

I've learned to take a minute and talk to cashiers when I check out - got a great recommendation for a book from the cashier at WalMart the other day.

I am blessed that my hubby and I are very compatible. He's constantly fixing up things around the house - just because he enjoys it - and he never complains if my main event of the day is reading a book from start to finish or working on genealogy (he does some, too). We occasionally get out to bars with live music and we often take walks in the wonderful Lake County parks both with and without our dog.

I love my retirement even though I still miss the everyday interactions I had with co-workers. I am not sorry to be retired. I often remark how blessed we are to be able to go outside on a weekday and not have to rush back to work or home - just take things at a leisurely pace.

I have learned not to overbook myself with "things to do" just because it's in my nature not to like schedules. Other than the piano, language lessons and occasional church groups, we can do things as we feel like it. Even taking a drive around the area is fun - we've only lived in this area for 7 months so we're still exploring.

I'm sure my daily routine will change as time goes on. I always keep in mind that I was a hard worker for almost 50 years and I have earned my leisure time. If I occasionally think about getting part time work, I remind myself that there are people who need that income for their families and that there are other ways to find people to connect with without working again.

We do not have a lot of money to work with, but we don't seem to need a lot of it to enjoy life - simplicity is a really great thing!

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by: Anonymous

What a refreshing post. Congratulations to you and your hubby for doing your best to enjoy your well-earned retirement.

I hope those who see their retirement as a punishment will pay attention to your upbeat message.

My Current Retirement (2 Years)
by: Lynn in CO

When people ask what I "do" I say that I am 'rewiring and rewriting' my new life. Being defined by what you "do" in life is not healthy and leads to a certain crash upon retirement.

Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude will go a long way every day. :)

Good For You
by: Canadian Retiree

Hey that’s great to hear you are enjoying your retirement and taking piano lessons. I play the piano and take lessons on and off. I’m also learning to water colour paint and take an exercise class. My husband is retired as well and does genealogy.

I did not have a smooth transition to retirement because I retired a year sooner than planned due to going through intense cancer treatments. I still miss my job and the social part of work.

Sounds like you have adjusted really well. Great!

Keep moving
by: Jane Curtis/Hawkins, Tx

I know as time goes by you will discover new things to enjoy because you have the time to pursue them. I have written several blogs about this very subject. I am so glad to read one where the idea of learning something new is a joy. You retired from work but not from life. Glad we have another positive story teller among us. Good job.

Thank you for sharing. Well written.

Into my second year and still miss sales
by: Mark

So I’m entering my 2nd year and still struggle saying the word RETIRED. There should be another more updated way of saying.

I just tell people that I’ve stepped back from the grind for now. I do and often go to bed thinking of how stimulating the work environment was. I was approaching 50 years doing the same line of work.

I took up a hobby getting into aquarium and aquatic plants and fish, going to the gym and just kicking back.

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