My developing journey on Retirement-Online

by Larry Steward
(Aiken, SC)

When I reached my retirement age I just continued working as usual. It wasn't until about three years later that I realized it was going to become difficult for me to continue the work I was doing so I decided I should return to coaching as I had previous experience and enjoyed it very much.

It took time to figure out the best path to take as I was determined to transition from my previous role as a career coach to become a life coach. Later on, I narrowed my choice to become a "work in retirement" coach.

I knew it was important to somehow connect with people in retirement to learn more about their issues with working in retirement. I checked out numerous retirement sites and nothing compared to the helpful and comprehensive content Wendy was developing. I decided this was the perfect place to engage, listen and learn.

As I read so many interesting stories I started posting comments. I discovered how we all experience our journey into retirement in so many different ways. I shared my own experience and Wendy noticed. She nudged me to start submitting articles. Which I did.

We talked some more and she then invited me to help develop the "Work in Retirement" category which was a tailor made assignment. That is where you will find me today. Thanks to Wendy's encouragement and support, this collaboration has jump started my return to doing something I love.

Wendy is such an inspiration to everyone she touches in the wonderful work she is doing over all these years. I see Wendy as the perfect role model as how to start with a good idea and create something wonderful to happen.

She had the experience, the commitment, and the desire to put together a place on the Internet where we can all share our retirement stories, struggles, and successes as we seek to make the most of our retirement years. She is having fun and wants all of us to experience that too.

Thank you Wendy for helping me get a running start to return to coaching and to be part of your ambitious dream to help as many as possible for the remaining time we have to do this.

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