My Get Up and Go Foods

by Irwin

My wake up drink!

My wake up drink!

All that you listed above but I must have one or two cups of coffee a day or I do not feel like I am firing on all cylinders.

And as a matter of information - I love my bananas and my salmon. We try to eat at least three or four bananas a week and I try to eat salmon several times a month.

Love my chocolate (the dark 70% cacao kind). Usually have 4 ounces of orange juice a day. Eat eggs several times a week.

Also, although I haven't attempted any lately due to some recent dental work, I do love my almonds and walnuts.

Also take various supplements such as multi-vitamin, cinnamon capsules, D-3, vitamin E, Fish Oil, Calcium, and a Baby Aspirin.

Next time we can talk about what we as retirees do for exercise and how we keep track of same.

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Works for me!
by: Irwin Lengel

Hi Ricardo:

That's why Dolly and I try to line dance 5 days a week. It's exercise and fun too.

Thanks for reading my blog.


by: Ricardo

Irwin, along with all your healthy foods that are consumed......exercise is wonderful...either at the gym or with your other half in "the workshop!"

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