My Great New Healthy Hobby: Audiobooks

by Carrie

Hi Everyone,

I'm spending this extremely hot summer indoors, and loving it.

I have discovered audiobooks...and I don't just sit and listen to books being read, I walk around the house while listening to great stories.

My daughter encouraged me to try Hoopla, an app she put on my phone which is connected to our public library, which has all sorts of free books to listen to.

The great side benefit is that in the last year I've lost 15 pounds. It's so fun and healthy!

I usually do about 20 minutes twice a day. It seems to put me in a good mood and I look forward to my new "hobby" every day.


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love books
by: Anonymous

i love all the online books options we have.

i just started SecondSale and Chirp.

thanks for the note about hoopla.

i recently got an audio headband. use it for sleep mostly but can walk around the house and listen to whatever i want on my phone.

Audio Books
by: Canadian Retiree

Wow what a great idea! I read books on my Ereader and IPhone. I love this idea because you get exercise at the same time. I’m going to try your new hobby out. Thanks for sharing!

Similar Hobby
by: Barak

I do something similar...walk on my treadmill for 30 minutes listening to podcasts. Also do exercises and stretching while continuing to listen. Always feel better afterwards.

I love audiobooks too!
by: Joanne/Gaithersburg, MD

I love audiobooks too! They help me enjoy my daily walks, long drives and even make the time fly when I am doing housework. I have joined some online audiobook groups to get and give recommendations for my next audiobook and also to discuss which audiobooks have really great narration

by: Nancy

When I was working, I had to commute an hour each way, and I listened to audiobooks. The best one I listened to was an Ed McBain mystery narrated by the author! Now that I'm retired, I listen to audiobooks while I sew which is my main hobby.

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