My husband is driving me crazy... it's not easy

by Sandee

It has been 6 years since my husband has retired and I am thinking of the "Together apart" lifestyle. It is a real thing and more common in Europe.

My husband has to be busy from about 5am till 6pm. He makes comments about my lack of activity. Well I hike and kayak volunteer (not as much as he does).

He also constantly reports on all the stuff he has accomplished. He asks me several times a day what I am going to do.

If we do something together he obsesses on what time this will occur and I need to be ready (even if there is no time obligation) a half hour early or he gets agitated.

I plan my appointments around his at home times so I am gone and will make sure I am home when he is away. So basically I avoid him which makes me sad but it helps my sanity.

Oh and he always prayers me about my volunteering as in I am not going or doing enough. I believe he suffers from high functioning anxiety and he makes me anxious too.

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He sounds anxious...
by: Wendy, Retirement Enthusiast/Coach


I advocate a somewhat busy lifestyle --
use it or lose it.

However, this is overboard busy, and is kinda sad when you can't enjoy the concept of retirement.

On this site, I've seen a few divorces post-retirement, and also seen the husband move to the basement and another wife retreat/hide in an attic-like room where she decorated and felt good.

Any of these scenarios feel sad to me. Heck, you've made it through all the kids years, working years, and finally get to chill and enjoy life -- only to hit roadblocks.

Wish he'd visit his doctor just to get some temporary help. He probably won't slow down (mine won't even after triple bypass) -- but he can get life into perspective, mostly to realize we all do retirement differently!

Best Wishes!

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