My Kind Of Christmas

by Joan (Cecilia)
(Camberwell, Vic., Australia.)

My 2015 Christmas card  (bottom)

My 2015 Christmas card (bottom)

Christmas Gifts

-- When do you start shopping for Christmas?

I think it would be about a week before Christmas because my entire family of three generations do not give presents except at home. We do have a bowl at whatever house is hosting tea on Christmas night into which we put anonymous amounts of money as donations for the host family's favourite cause.

-- Do you buy lots of gifts or is your shopping limited (post retirement)?

My shopping is fairly limited, mostly to people who have been very helpful to me during the year: My council house cleaner, the lady who does my shopping, the nurse who coordinates the nursing requirements of the Sisters in retirement. (I am a religious Sister.)

-- Have you ever recycled a Christmas present?

Yes, especially chocolates or bottles of wine, not that I do not save some for myself.

-- Do you use wrapping paper or gift bags?

What ever is at hand, would be my answer.

-- How many Christmas cards do you mail?

I don't mail more than two for people who have not an email. I am not sure of the number but I sent out my email greetings today.

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by: Sheila

Sister, you are on the right track. I wish many folk would read your message and follow suit.

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