My life changed at a traffic light

by James
(Venice, Fl)

I had a thriving home inspection business. I also owned an inspection training school. Life was was good up until I was rear ended waiting for the traffic light to change from red to green.

It was at 9:07 pm dark and a pleasant 75 degrees with a light drizzle. The young lady who hit me was a very cute 18 year old who just got off work. She told the Highway patrol officer that she thought I was going to run the light so she sped up. She lied, I was stopped and had witnesses. She got got a ticket for traveling to fast for weather conditions. (50 in a 35).

I got 2 broken ribs, 3 cracked vertebra's and a broken neck with 3 fusions, and a metal plate with 3 screws. I also suffer with off the chart leg pains that brings me to tears when they flair up.

I have fantastic insurance and seen more specialists who just shake their heads. They have done all they could.

I lost everything, my businesses, my ability to walk, and my hands have severe numbness and tingle. My arms feel like they are freezing all the time. I am in pain 24/7 with heavy duty pain killers.

I don't sleep for more than 2-3 hours and when I do try I get severe anxiety attacks. Depression and anxiety want to control me but I don't want to go down that road. This is why I am reaching out to you.

I am letting go of my past (wow that hurts) and trying to move forward, but I'm stuck and need a boost out of this sink hole.

I have no real interests any more, so any help is appreciated.

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Well wishes
by: Martha

Hi James,
I am so sorry for all the issues you are having.
I pray for your physical and mental health to improve daily.
You received some great advice and suggestions.
Truly hope and pray this online community is a great asset
For you.

name, etc
by: Susan

I too would like to correspond with you. Even talk with you.
This is a very tricky thing on the internet.


Dear James,

I am so sorry for your situation. Please don't give up! You have been through tremendous suffering; It isn't fair. I hope your health will improve and your life will be better.

It could happen to anyone
by: Nancy

I'm sorry the wreck happened to you and that you have such severe health problems. I'm sorry you lost your business and career that you loved. This is the best place to be. Reading all the retirement stories on this site, especially the ones about anxiety and depression in retirement really helped me.

I hope there will be a breakthrough in your health, maybe in the form of a doctor who will be able to help you.

by: Loyce/California

Sorry to hear about your misfortune but you are reaching out and you'll be better for it. Do you have any local groups that have others in similar circumstances regarding the chronic pain? It would provide some comfort to align with others who are striving/progressing out of their own "pits".

by: carol m

james.... i am so sorry for that awful experience and all the consequences that followed. It's so not fair.

I pray you are able to let go and that thorough healing happens very soon and that you become better than ever.

fyi....Venice FL is one of my most favorite places. I've spent a month or two there for the last 3 winters - have even contemplated moving there. But you know i'd miss the snow back in the north. haha.

God Bless you one day at a time....

Your life changes
by: Elna Nugent

James, I am in shock at your situation. I send you a thousand blessings. I would love to see this whole retirement community surround you with the pure white light of healing love. All good things are possible.

I also wonder if you would be willing to reveal your whole name at birth and your date of birth, time and place.

Also do you remember what was previously in your mind before you felt that terrific jolt. Please do not give up on a possible new life dawning.

If you prefer not to send me the information above that's okay but if you can e-mail it, I am
You are much loved.

James, Let's talk...
by: Wendy

Contact me using the contact me page, right hand column.

Maybe I can help you with home business ideas, simple things using your intensive knowledge, but things you CAN do. You might get some ideas on my home business site too:

Google "Jon Morrow", he is a fantastic internet marketer -- and also a parapalegic. Does it all with his voice alone, and makes a darn good income too.

Anything is possible!

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