My New Plan

by LZ
(Canada )

Okay I m tired of kicking myself for retiring when I wasn’t ready. Grieving won’t change things. My job is gone and I can't go back.

My new plan involves taking transit every other day through the week to different malls or parks. My job was a long ways to go so I might as well pretend I m going to work. It will get me out of the house.

I may go skating & do other things. But as long as I can get out of the house daily it will help.

No one understands or cares anymore. As long as I’m doing something I’m happy. I can go to a park as well. I’ll just keep pretending to go back to work.

I can hang out at my old campus in the library. It’s better than pacing around the house.

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The Theater
by: Anonymous

Forty years in theater, and of course there is that temptation to get involved in something familiar, going on in your 'new' community.

Don't let the excitement kindle expectations that will be disappointed. These folks around here could sure use some advice from a professional.

That said, they are not what I call 'willing.' They know what they re doing. If you get around any youth groups, you are suspected of being a pedophile. There aren't even any traveling productions coming so deep into 'backwater.'

April will see a visit from Rick Springfield; sorry, I'm not all that excited. There is a huge Civic Center, soaking up public funds, that mainly is used for ASU-graduation exercises, once a year. The only 'promoter' that has ever made a dime there [in the near seven years I've been down here], is an African man born in Kenya.

The main reason he is 20-times smarter than all the rest, is that he went to school in Kenya, and has never been subjected to the propaganda, that is a public education here!

Happy about your plan
by: Anonymous

Happy that you are starting a new plan. It is so sad to see people that work so hard all their life can't relax and enjoy their freedom. I myself, found that my hobby of riding horses keeps me very busy. I enjoy each and every day.

Cracked Nuts
by: Donna, West Virginia

Retirement is not all it's cracked up to be.

Been There,Done That
by: Jayna/Ohio

I so understand the grieving process you are going through since retirement.

I retired from teaching 5 years ago, and I have had a rough road with depression and anxiety. After lots of therapy, medication, and Much Work on my part, I am beginning to get comfortable with my new life.

I am tutoring part-time, volunteering, exercising, getting reconnected and involved in my church and with my faith.

I have learned that I need to stay engaged with life and with others!

My New Plan
by: Sherry

Please do some volunteer work. It can be purposeful and you will meet new friends.

I do 2 volunteer jobs and enjoyed them lots. I have made new friends and have someone to talk to!

by: Cindi - NC

That sounds like a good plan.

My hubby and I are both retired now and lately we've been taking walks every morning in one of the many parks in our area - there are about 6 that we've discovered. It gets us fresh air and we enjoy being out in nature.

I have also recently been contacting former co-workers to meet up for lunch. I avoided that for a while not wanting to disturb the workplace or thinking that they wouldn't care if I showed up or not.

I was happy to find that they consider my visits a great break in their week.

Sounds like a good plan
by: Nancy

I too grieved over my old job, and regretted retiring.

Your plan to take transit to a new place every is a very good plan. I don't have public transit here.

Nearest Wal-mart is 20 miles. I should have done what you did in the beginning because by now, all I want to do is stay home.

The things I got used to doing in the beginning like go to the hair dresser, church, Bible studies, I still do. Your activities like skating, library, park, mall all sound like fun activities.

by: Wendy,

You are finally accepting retirement as it is.

Getting out of the house, for coffee, a walk, a ride, whatever and wherever is the best you can do. Look at the world. Help someone out there... doesn't really matter what you do, getting out will help.

It's not that nobody understands or cares -- but it is YOU who must take ACTION. It's your life, you must pull yourself out of the mental state you are stuck in, and I'm thrilled to see you take this action!

Your best statement was: " But as long as I can get out of the house daily it will help. "

Yes, Yes, it will!

Absolutely thrilled to see this mindset change. It's not easy, I know... but you are truly moving forward, baby step by baby step. It works!

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