My Plan: First Two Months of Retirement

by Kathleen/New York

I am four months away from early retirement and my mind is reeling right now . There is excitement as well as fear of the unknown.

It is that fear of the unknown that is making us worry about things that we have never thought of before.

I think about saying goodbye to my colleagues at work which, like you said, will be happy and sad.

I worry about not having a paycheck coming in. But....I tell myself to stop the worrying as soon as my mind starts running away with thoughts.

Using the school analogy, I tell myself that I will treat my immediate early retirement just like summer vacation when I was a kid. I will give myself two months to sleep in, do nothing or do anything I want. I will not worry about money during these two months. I will pretend I am twelve years old again and the school bell has rung signaling the start of summer vacation.

I am saying to myself I have worked forty years, raised a family (one son still in college) and provided for others so now it is my time.

Then, after those two months are over, I will get back to being regimented. Instead of being told what my projects will be or what I need to do, like at work, I need to tell myself what I will do.

I believe that is the difference with retirement versus working. We need to go out and find things to do - nothing will come to us like at our jobs where we were given assignments.

Best wishes In the coming months and enjoy!!

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sounds familiar
by: Mike Canberra

Your post reminds me of what i went through a few months before I retired.

The unknown is a scary place as you say , It will work out and its your time now , Enjoy the first few months not going to work. The magic will wear off after six moths being retired then you need a routine.

Its a great time in your life and you deserve it.

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