by Roslyn

I was forced to retire in 2011 and took Cobra for 18 months. My Cobra is running out by the end of this month.

I am only 64 years old and have one year before I can qualify for Medicare. I never thought I would be looking forward to being on Medicare, but I am!

I have pre-existing medical problems (nothing I am dying from) so I was denied by an insurance company which means I cannot get private individual medical insurance on my own.

The only plan available to me is a HIPAA Portability Plan which, by law, has to accept those with pre-existing problems, but, in return, their premiums are EXTREMELY expensive. BCBS has the most reasonable premium which is $1,047 a month for just ME!

In my search, I found other companies charged as high as $5,000 a month for an individual policy. The BCBS policy is terrible and basically only covers going to a PCP doctor and medications. All else falls under a $10,000 deductible, plus a copay of $4,000 if I should need to be hospitalized, have surgery, etc.

Although taking this insurance will deplete my bank account, I feel I have no choice as we all know anything can happen at any time and then we are left with major debt to have to pay while in retirement.

I also had surgery earlier this year while on Cobra. My portion to pay was around $5,000, so that will be added to my debt. While it is horrifying to have to pay these high premiums and the high deductible, it would be more horrifying to have to pay an endless debt because of having no insurance! I spent a year trying to find answers to no avail.

There just isn't a good alternative. There just has to be a better answer for us!


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Thanks for your great comment!
by: Roslyn

Hi Bruce: You could not have said it better in your comment regarding my health care dilemma. Shame on America!! I have always heard that Canada has "socialized medicine" with some complaints from some Canadians, but I would opt for their method, rather than here in America. Our system is broken in more ways than one. People either don't have health insurance here because they cannot afford it or they go broke buying it. It is not considered an entitlement, but a luxury. So very sad!!

Thanks for your very insightful comment.

Ontario Health Insurance Plan
by: Bruce

The Ontario Health Insurance Plan is what many Americans often refer to as 'socialized medicine'. Not true, although doctors bill the government directly at rate the doctors and the governemnt have agreed upon. This eliminates personal greed by doctors and health care providers.

I find it shocking, the lack of control the American government has over the self serving health care system. It seem that this is Capitalism at it's worst.

Most Canadians believe that health care is a right, not something that goes to the highest bidder, as seems to be true in the United States. Overall it seems that Canada is a more caring and a more gentle society towards it's citizens. The Canadian health care system is far from perfect, but people don't go broke or die because they can't get or afford medical care or insurance. Shame on America.

Thanks for your comment
by: Roslyn

To: Kay V, R.N.

Thanks for responding to my post. During my search to try and help myself with my health care dilemma, I found that Arizona has a program called ACCHCS which is their version of Medicaid.

Unfortunately, one has to be at 100% of poverty level to be able to qualify for this program. I could not qualify.

I found that every state is different with their programs and qualifications.

Thanks for reading my post and for your comment.

Medicaid Option
by: Kaye V. RN

You may want to check out your option for Medicaid (Medi-cal in California), It will cover your expenses and depending on income you may have to pay a share of the cost. Check for eligibility.

In California an applicant can own a house a car and $2000 (Check this out I may be wrong about the amount) and still qualify for care. Good Luck

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