My Retirement Days

by Tom Damron
(Plano, Texas)

Starting the day after I lost Janet last January, my son and family have been hounding me to sell, or lease, the house and move to Colorado closer to them.

As appealing as that sounds, I distinctly remember the ten years we lived in Connecticut—Storm Larry that forced the Governor to close the State for four days—the fines if you left the house without permission and an escort—watching my six-foot patio screen disappear under the white devil---the soles falling from my shoes because the salt and whatever ate through them—Jan’s Mustang buried for three months--the freezing cheekbones and ears—the door handle on the car frozen—heating the key with a match to melt the ice inside the lock—the burdensome heavy overcoat with pockets stuffed with gloves—windshields that required a sledge hammer to remove the ice--and then I pause as I realize---my son and daughter-in-law have had their marbles frozen to the point where they can’t think straight.

I knew at that moment that I had to take my blowtorch, go to Colorado and have a thawing sit-down with them. I did that the first two weeks of the month. The melting was enough to reach a compromise—see, we’re not akin to Congress—and we reached a compromise acceptable to both parties—I will mothball the house each June and spend summers in Colorado. I’ll come home in September, remove the mothballs and spend a pleasantly warm winter here in Plano while they lose their shoe soles.

It appears, and sounds, to be an agreement that will provide me the best of both Worlds—scenic Colorful Colorado summers coupled with a warmly embracing flat winter Texas plains.

Who could anticipate such a rewarding retirement?

Me, that’s who!

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Figuring it out can take awhile
by: Janet/Connecticut

I laughed as I read your description of living in Connecticut and remember well the storm that closed the State down. I worked for an electric utility company and they wouldn't release us until 4 p.m. the day the storm hit. Essential employees never made it home for 4 days. By the time my co-worker and I were able to leave and hit the road, cars were stranded all over the highway. We made it home as she puffed on cigarette after cigarette while driving to ease her anxiety. We carpooled and she always ended up driving the week with bad weather.

There have been times when I think about leaving Connecticut, but recently have decided I really do love where I was born and raised. It's home to me meaning it's my roots and would be hard to uproot to someplace else at this time in my life.

My son (only child) lives in Rochester, NY and is now thinking about moving to Portland, OR. I had at one time considered moving to Rochester and when I mentioned it to others, the first thing they would say is "what about the winters". I said "it's the same as our winters". I have visited Rochester many times over the 17 years he has lived there and do like the area, but he's still young and may need to move for job issues.

You're decision sounds like a win/win solution for now for both you and your children. A nice compromise for both of you.

My Retirement Days
by: Pat/Delaware

It sounds like you have a perfect plan worked out.
Beautiful as it is, I wouldn't want to live in Colorado in the wintertime either, but I know the skiers enjoy it.

Texas is heaven (or close)
by: Anonymous

Hey Tom, excellent brain work for you and your family. When your son and family get old and their joints start hurting your house will still be there for them to move in with you and realize the truth. During ski season though Colorado is great but there are hotels, etc!!!!!!

Retirement Days
by: Anonymous

It sounds like you know what you want. Good for You!

My husband died 6 years ago and my sister and brother are still trying to get me to move closer to them. My sister lives 250 miles away and my brother lives 20 miles away.

I have lived in my town for over 60 years. I like it here...Even though it's New England. It's beautiful. I still have my health and my home.

WOW! New Adventures!
by: Wendy,

So happy for you! You'll have a get away each year, with scenic views and family -- then when you've had enough, scoot back to Texas warmth in the winter months!

Woot! Sounds perfect for you!

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