My retirement has gone to the dogs!

by Texas Jane
(A lake South of Dallas, Texas)

I have love, lived with, and buried 4 husbands in the last 45 years. You would think, since my husbands ranged in ages, I would be prepared for just about anything.

I retired in 2009, but will not turn 65 until next April. I do have some disabilities, but we don't need to go into all that. My mom and dad are gone as well. I was alone and forced to retire early. I thought to myself, now there is no one to tell me I can't have any dog I want. That was in 2009.

I presently have 3 dogs. Baby Girl (a pit bull/Shepherd mix), Sweetie Pie (a greyhound), and Fredie (pit bull/Weimaraner mix) are all inside dogs. We also have two cats; Ashley an 8yr old female with a demanding personality and Rooster a 9 month old orange tabby that just moved in one day.

All of my "children" are strays that I eventually named. Baby Girl barks at everyone (from behind me). Sweetie Pie wants to kiss everyone-- including the squirrels-- the skunks don't seem to understand so she spends a lot of time in tomato juice baths. Fredie loves men, loves to play, loves Sweetie Pie best, and barks when no one is around just so they know he is.

They all three have destroyed every fence I have put up except the last one that they dug a tunnel under in so many places I gave up. I do not let them out during the day (that is when most people are out). It has been raining here at the lake for three days. The dogs keep telling me I left the water running. They go out on the porch and look back at me as if I could turn it off. They scare people who don't understand they just want to talk.

They are great watch dogs... they will watch anyone do anything! Baby Girl watches from behind me, Sweetie Pie dances a jig until she kisses something, and Fredie cries at the door when a delivery leaves without petting him.

Anyone can survive retirement watching Animal Planet or sharing their retirement with the love of pets. I'm sure there are other pet lovers out their that have funny stories about their "children" too. Now, if I could just turn this water off... once again I am being summoned to the porch to TURN THE WATER OFF!

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Pet lovers
by: Carol K

Jane, loved your story.

Yes, there is a pet lovers page on the Retirement site. Hope to see you there!

Fur kids
by: Carolyn

I could not live in this world without animals - they give me such joy. I volunteer at the Toronto Humane Society - most of my friends have cats or dogs whom I cherish and I am the Mom to a gorgeous 14 year old tabby/main coon cat named Lucy - she is such a well behaved cat, not fussy about her food, not demanding and affectionate without being needy. I understand your love for your pets Texas Jane - they make the world a better place and we sure need to make it a better place!

gave me a needed chuckle this morning
by: Rose Raintree Arlington Wa.

I am sorry for the trial you have faced, but I applaud that it appears you have kept your perspective and have placed around you pets that you enjoy and can give you unconditional love.

Your story gave me a laugh this morning that I truly needed, thank you

I forgot to tell you why turning off the rain was so important.
by: Texas Jane

I got so involved with holding my magnifying glass and typing, I forgot to tell anyone why turning off the water was so funny.

A few months ago I had started my bath water and went to the kitchen to do something while the tub was filling. I got distracted. All of a sudden all three dogs ran to the bathroom and started barking in unison. I stopped and ran in to find the tub was just about to overflow. I turned off the water, I was so proud of my babies for letting me know, I gave them all a treat. Bad idea.

After three days of rain. my heroes keep barking louder trying to rate a treat. I still have to go out to the porch so they will alert me if I ever do something like that again. Baby Girl always lets me know if I leave a burner going on the stove. I gave her a treat for that too. I forgot about that too until she wanted a treat to let me know the new smoker was still hot.

They always let me know if a racoon or opossum gets in (usually when I've left the front door open too long at night). Baby Girl takes her "job" very seriously.

Does anyone know if Wendy has a "Pet Lovers" page?

Good One!
by: Wendy

I, too, have a baby here at home.

Mine is ChiChi, a long hair Chihuahua... yes, a Chi, who never barks (well, except at me for biscuits) unlike othre Chi's. She is the most lovable little dog I've ever had.

She is also a mixed personality dog. When Terry goes outside, Chi by his side, she turns into SuperDog.... barking at squirrels, running here and there.

The minute she sees me, she turns into Baby... rolling over in the sunny grass for a belly rub, and waiting for me to carry her around.

Love my Baby... Pretty sure you love yours too, Jane!

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