My retirement journey

by Roslyn
(Arizona )

I was forced to retire over two years ago and have been floundering in retirement until the last three weeks.

I would get up every morning and try and figure out what am I going to do today?

Also I would try and get motivated to do anything I thought about doing. Sometimes I would do those things and other times I just wanted to stay home. I realized I was depressed and I was in a real slump and found myself in bed most of the time as I do have some health problems and bed seemed to be the most comfortable place that I needed to be.

I had been a medical transcriber for some 30+ years and realized I felt very much defined by my occupation and have always loved the field of medicine.

Everything in life happens for a reason. I do believe we are all led to where we need to be in life.

My story has a happy ending and I wanted to share it with everyone. My sister-in-law recently asked me if I would be interested in helping take care of her 93-year-old mother.

She has done everything in her power to keep her mother in her own home and has been selfless in her life trying to help her mother. Her mother can still walk around and do some things for herself and she said it basically would be having someone there with her in her house to help out with things. She offered to pay me as well hoping I could put in 12 hours weekly.

I knew I would be helping my sister-in-law out, as well as her mother, so I said I would do it. I have to say I am a changed person as far as retirement goes. I feel like I am doing the most caring job in the world, talking with her mom, playing hours of cards with her, laughing together, and helping her with her needs. She tells me how much she appreciates my help and calls me an angel.

This is not about the money, although it does help me out. It is about what money cannot do and the gratification I feel in return to be able to be a part of this lovely lady's life.

So if any of you are floundering in your retirement, treat someone the same way you would want to be treated if you were in the same situation and enjoy your spiritual journey.

Wendy: Rosalyn -- Helping someone else is the best way to stop thinking about yourself. Being of service, like we were when we worked, but now being in control of what we choose to do -- is a huge benefit for all retirees. Kudos on the article! You really ARE her Angel (and the sister-in-law who needs a break from being caregiver).

Sometimes your day can turn around with little things: smile/chat at the cashier and make their day, take your neighbor some cookies, whatever.

Small actions bring BIG rewards to YOU doing the action!

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newby retiree
by: sassy

Thanks Rosylyn

Being a new retiree from healthcare, I appreciate
you sharing your feelings of floundering, I too am reinventing myself, exciting, yes, but some days I really miss the workplace socialization, and believe it or not a schedule.

by: Roslyn

Thank you Wendy and Nancy for your comments on my recent article. FYI - she just had her 94th birthday. I brought her a pie to celebrate and she was so happy and appreciative, telling me how she will never forget this birthday and all my kindness. My heart is smiling!

Wonderful story
by: Nancy

Rosalyn, I also believe everything happens for a reason. This job was meant for you.

Reminds of when I was in Peace Corps years ago during Christmas. My Moroccan boyfriend's younger brother who was in high school spent the day with me on Christmas day playing cards. I was so grateful for his company b/c I was very homesick.

Thanks for sharing.

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