My Retirement Situation

by Jeff/Houston

I graduated from High School after the first semester of my senior year to go work for Southwestern Bell in St. Louis. I had just turned 17 at the time.

I moved to Houston in 1978 and started working for an electric utility here. In June of 2016, I had a prosthetic TMC joint implant on my right hand. Dr. told me 4 months recovery but then during OT was told to look for a different line of work. I was months away from turning 60.

Anyway, have been off work since and decided to retire on 1/1/2018. I used to get up at 5 am and had/have been guilty about sleeping about 9 hours a night. But I started thinking about all the years I didn't even sleep 7.

Work was my hobby, but I do like being outside in the yard.

It hasn't been easy giving up the routine but some days when I'm bored I ask myself if I rather be back at my job and the answer is always NO.

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Me, too!
by: Doris

I retired two years ago, built a new house two miles from my son and grandchildren and am bored to death. Moved to Greenville, SC, after working in NYC for twenty-five years and it has been a real culture shock for me.

Am used to routine and having crowds of people around me and now I am in a family suburban development and am losing my mind. I go days without talking to anyone.

This area is supposed to be a "hot" retirement area and do not understand why I do not think so. I think I should be in a more urban area. Most of the amenities here are for married people and I am single.

Think I am going to sell the house, but do not know where to go. Looking into Tucson next month. I, too, do not want to return to a job.

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