My Retirement Story by Don Hahn

by Donald Hahn
(Phoenix, Arizona)

Hi Everyone,

My name is Don Hahn. I am brand new here so I thought this might be a good place to start. My last day of work was August 11, 2017. I was 68 when I retired. I went the extra two years for a little more in my pocket. I am single and live alone with my cat Jill. My late wife passed away from cancer in January 2011.

I was really glad to get away from my job because there were a lot of issues, but that is not the only reason I decided to retire. My health is reasonably good and I wanted to retire while it still was. I remember during about the 3rd or 4th day of my vacations I would start feeling more relaxed and I felt better. I thought the stress on the job was bothering me more then I realized.

I decided to take a trip to California in the second week of my retirement because I thought that would give me time to de-stress and I could have a nice time. The funny thing about it was when I retired the job stress ended also. So when I went on my trip, I had nothing to de-stress from. It was a nice trip.

Nothing went wrong, it was just not as exciting as I thought it would be. Of course going alone is not as fun as going with someone. It was really nice to get back home and not have to think about going back to work again. I used to hate that when I was working.

So anyway, I found myself with all this time and not knowing exactly what to do with it. When I worked, I was a supervisor so I could not socialize with the workers. My late wife and I did not socialize much so I really never made any friends here.

It started to get me down a little but I decided to try to rise above it. I have been looking into some volunteer work. I think that might be a good thing. I have put together a tentative daily schedule. My house needs work so I have been trying to allocate at least part of the day to that. But I miss interacting with people.

I have checked into the Meetup groups and joined a couple of them. So far they have had meetings at night and I do not like to drive at night if I do not have to. But so far, I am OK. Retirement has been a bit of a challenge. I knew it would be a whole new life style but I did not anticipate these feelings.

I ran across this website while browsing the Internet, and I thought that sounds interesting so here I am.

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Don't Waste This Chapter
by: Ben, Ky

Hello, your chapter in retirement has just begun. Don't judge how you feel about this period in life by the first few months, give it at least 6 months to absorb this new freedom.

Remember, retirement time is for most people, the final chapter of your book of life, don't waste it. Find things you enjoy, or do new things that perhaps you have always wanted to do.

Myself, I always wanted to play drums...bought a set and now learning. Just bought a guitar a few weeks ago, may as well learn that too. Many home projects have been completed, many more to go.

Started writing a book early this year, now I'm 50,000 words in. It's an action adventure trip on RT 66 based in the late 60's. Develop the characters anyway you like and insert yourself if you wish.

This is your last chapter. Please, don't just brood and waste it. Look up old friends...I just looked up a guy I went to school with 50 years ago. He's working on restoring a 1956 Chevy. I also once restored cars, so we now get together to work on this 1956.

Bottom line, find something you can embrace and go all in.

The best to you,

Happy Retirement
by: Diane

Hi Don

Your story sounds so much like mine. I lost my husband in 2011 and retired one year ago. I think that I went through the grieving process, Again, after I retired.

I do not miss the long commute or stress of my job.

Retirement was quite an adjustment for me after working full time since 1968. I tried to catch up with chores around the house, only to find out that I'm not able to do a lot of things that I could when I was younger. Now, I just take my time and try to hire people to do what I can't do.

I got a library card and find that it is a really great place to connect with people that I haven't seen in a long time. I was going to yoga classes in the Winter and found it really helpful.

Wendy's website is wonderful.

Give yourself a break and enjoy life. You are not on a work schedule any more.

Retirement is the best.

Lunch Buddies
by: Anonymous

I was still working when my husband retired, and he also missed interacting with people during the day. The solution he found was to just start going out to lunch.

He found a local bar and grill where other guys ate and gradually made friends with some of the regulars there. Now he goes to lunch there every weekday (even though I'm now retired, too, and he has company at home). He likes the easy camaraderie that he found there.

Early retirement
by: Anne (London, UK)

Hi, Don

Glad you were able to retire from a job you weren't enjoying. I did the same 3 1/2 years ago and have not regretted it.

The thing I found was that you don't get as much done as you thought you would with all that time - at least, I haven't!

I am lucky to still have my husband with me - he retired early long before I did - but like you, we don't socialise much and I do sometimes miss contact with people. We have taken a few cruises and I have joined a local art club and have revived my interest in painting and drawing.

Once a week I help out at a riding school run by the Riding for the Disabled charity. That combines my love of animals with socialising!

We have two cats at home which give us something to fuss over (no grandchildren so far) and make us laugh.

You have done the right thing retiring while you are still in good health. With some effort you are bound to make new friends and maybe even find someone to travel with!

Best of luck, and happy retirement!

Meeting people
by: Lynn

Hi, Try getting a dog you like. Then go to the dog park nearest yourhouse at different times of day to find the time that there are people you enjoy taking to also there. You can eventually make friends that way, dogs are a great socializer.

Great Site
by: Len, Pacific Islands have found a site that would definitely give you some ideas. I have not retired yet but from what I have read helps me start putting a plan for that time. I am sure you will hear from some people soon. Best of Luck!


by: diane/canada

Your story mirrors mine, I too was a supervisor and did not have much of a social life before I retired. I moved towns to be closer to family but they are very busy. I also went to the local senior centre and volunteered.

Now it has been 3 years and I continue to spend a good portion of my week volunteering and have also joined a quilting group (never sewed in my life before).

My point there is that retirement give you the opportunity to do things that you never did before because you were making a living. So look for something that appeals to you and volunteer.

You can have many opportunities to learn and do new things.

by: Anonymous

Isn't it nice to have time to yourself now? I personally LOVE the solitude. And there is really no end to house projects, is there? Especially if you allow yourself to be creative.

We have a rebuilding center where house things are cheap. Plus we have a website called where you can give away your stuff you don't want, and pick up stuff from other people. You can sell or just click on FREE. So it will just be with people close by.


So Here I Am
by: Joe W.

Howdy Don! You can become anything you want to be or anything you want to do. So far looking at your present narrative you seem to be on 'automatic pilot' to guide your retirement life.

I would make some retirement decision options the same way you made the decision to go to California after finishing your corporate job.

Joe W.

Comments for Don
by: Nancy

I know what you mean about traveling with someone. I don't like to go anywhere without my husband, which comes as a surprise since I was a confirmed single person until I was 46.

I am sorry about your wife. I bet a lot of people try to fix you up. My husband and I are like you and your wife, we don't socialize much.

I've been at this retirement business for 5 years. I had the most terrible adjustment imaginable. It's better now. This website and Wendy have been a God send. You noticed one thing also that I noticed at first, the stress of working melting away and being able to relax.

I sleep much better every night than I ever did when I was working. Take care.

Click ... click ... click ...
by: Dave In Calif

If you follow this website you will find a lot of us are in the same boat. When I was working, my job satisfied both my career needs as well as my social needs.

Although much of my time was autonomous, there was still a certain structure and goals that required responsibility to complete. And a feeling of accomplishment when the project was completed. I worked with both men and women and so we had good conversation as co workers. But we also easily transitioned to personal and social contact.

Frequently we would eat lunch together and go to after work get togethers for birthdays and other personal type things. And of course company parties several times a year.

But when that work connection was stopped, I lost all satisfaction from person to person contact. Now the only structure is one I need to create. And through my own fault, I did not establish a good out of work social circle. I think this is particularly typical of men. Women seem to be able to set up a more balanced work and after work social lifestyles.

Like you, I’m also single and have dabbled on & off with on-line dating. Without any satisfaction. And I’m even beginning to get tired of all the volunteer activities over the past 5-6 years. And yes, … traveling alone just doesn’t seem very much fun.

At times, I feel like trying to find happiness in my retirement life is like trying to solve a Rubic’s Cube. I keep making little changes, … click … click …click, and getting new and different results. But those last few clicks to reaching that final "ah ha" solution to retirement happiness, keep eluding me.

Hang in there, Don. And keep clicking. Click … click …click …

by: Irwin

Welcome John

Been retired since 1996 and loving it.

Hope you enjoy yourself here.


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