My Retirement Story

Subtitled: You'll Know When You are Ready...

Written by Wendy,

As the owner of, I retired in 2010. I want to share my retirement experiences now.

I have struggled with my vision of retirement for 4.5 years... despite the fact that retirement has been my own occupation for the past twenty-five years. Isn't that odd? I help others retire, and yet, couldn't seem to get myself out that door.

Suddenly, for no reason at all, I was "ready". Retirees have told me for many years that "you'll know when you are ready". That never made any sense, at all, to me. But guess what? When I was ready, I KNEW I WAS READY!

In fact, I was driving to work, and just suddenly thought, I'm going in and giving my notice. One month and I'm gone. Then I thought... WHY one month? Why not two weeks? That's all that's normally required, why do *I* think I need to give one month notice? Just like that.. I went in and retired.

You WILL know when you are ready!

For 36 years, that job was me, my identity. I've now found my former job does NOT define me. I am so much more!

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