My Retirement Story

by Nancy

My husband retired 15years ago. Just when he retired for the passed one week he was very relived and happy as days goes by he just don't know what to do, no hobbies, no grand children, watching TV most of the time as I was working.

We start to have misunderstanding and argue for the smallest thing. As years goes by he take up trekking and mountain climbing and met some friends.

At times when he was bored when I'm back from work he will find fault to say things to hurt me. I decided to retired early and move down to another state to be near to our daughter. But that also at times we still have misunderstanding more to money matters.

I have been saving whatever my children give me and will not simply spend and he will check on me. I am feeling very lonely and don't have any social life, where he goes out i have to go along and we have only one car and most of the time he will be using. He is so culculative even we travel to other countries we have to take bus or walk for kilometers to the places.

Life is so boring and sad.

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Retirement Story
by: Anonymous


Yes, your story sounds like others I have read. Do you have your own friends you can do activities with during the day? Maybe you can join a group and meet for lunch or go shopping together to get out of the house.

It sounds like you are staying at home all the time, so try to make your own activities away from home, like go visiting with neighbors or your friends nearby.

I have read that after the happiness of retirement there is a kind of sadness that sets in because there are no reasons to do things any longer.

Best of luck in making some choices about what you want to do each day so that you have fun yourself.

From a friend

Tear Drops*
by: Sharyn~~~CANADA

Sweet Nancy*

How unfortunate for u to have to live YOUR life with someone so selfish & childish! U live on the other side of the world, in a country that is many years older than ours, with many different customs & lifestyles compared to ours here in the west.

I guess if there were some way to free yourself from this person, u would have done that by now, I can not offer any comment on your situation, however l can pray for u, wish u as happy a life as u are able to make for yourself**

I have 2 oriental grandaughters, 13 yrs & 10 yrs., both came home to us when they were just months old, how fortunate for these two little darlings that each of these children will enjoy the comforts & freedoms that CANADA has to offer~~

God bless U*

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