My Retirement Story

by Laura

What's in a word? Ah retirement, it sounds good while you are slaving away at your job and doing your daily commute. I just retired and I'm missing my crazy routine and even to my surprise my commute!

I am 63 turning 64 in December and decided out of the blue to retire. I was on sick leave for over a year and was going to go back on a gradual (2 hours a day) return to work. I suddenly got worried about my stamina and my commute as it takes over an hour each way to get there. I was waiting and waiting to hear the date of my return and I picked up the phone and called HR and told them I decided to retire.

My husband is retired and has a bad heart, I was also worried about leaving him on a daily basis. Now I'm wishing I had gone back and tried one more year.

I don't know what to do with my time, I didn't really have a plan. I think I should have given myself more time to decide about this life changing event, I didn't really think it out.

Now I have retirees regret instead of enjoying my free time. My family and friends don't understand.

My job was a great part of my life for 20 years and I really worked hard to hang on to it all these years. I also belonged to a Union and had a great benefits pkg and great wage. Anything else won't match that, if anyone wants to hire a 63 year old that is!

I am experiencing retirement anxiety and depression all at once. I would love to go back to my job now. I feel horrible.

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Getting Worse
by: LZ Canada

I can't believe every day is getting worse instead of better. I hear from my workmates, but only once in awhile. I miss them. I miss even going to work. I don't know how I will keep going. I've got nothing. There's a retirement dinner for me tomorrow, nice of my friends, but I feel horrible. I hope I can hold it together for them. I wish it was a welcome back party instead.

Agree with Sal
by: Nancy

I retired at a similar age to Sal and Laura. What Sal said about retirement education I agree with.

Before I found Wendy, I googled retirement for help and all I could find was financial information, and nothing about mental health.

I suffered through all the same things Laura is experiencing: regret, depression, anxiety. And I missed all of work, like Laura did with the commute including things that I didn't much care for when I was working.

Retirement education
by: Sal

It would be nice if educational programs existed warning people of mental health risks associated with retiring. It sounds silly, but I think more attention should be given on that subject than on the financial part.

While some people adjust well, many don't and would beg for their jobs back. I feel for the poster of this story and hope it gets better.

I also retired at 63 and understand the feeling. It wasn't until after I retired that I realized a majority of my happiness and well-being had come from my work and people interaction.

I thought I'd feel the same after I retired, but then came the rude awakening. It is now work figuring out what the daily routine will be.

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