My Retirement

by Joe
(Sunny Florida)

I retired on November 30, 2007 in the same location where we had been living since June 2005.

We moved from Washington D.C. back in 2005 for me to take a new new assignment and a promotion from the company I had been working for for several years.

When I took the promotion to work out of Cape Canaveral, Florida, we decided to move to a somewhat quit town called Titusville, Florida. It was my intention to retire in Florida so the company move was a great way to get to Florida without paying for the move.

Everything we owned was moved by my company without any cost to me. We drove two cars to our new location and the company paid mileage for both vehicles. To say I worked for a great company would be an understatement.

I chose to retire when I did because the company I worked for was sold to a group of investors out of New York. They took control a year after I moved to Florida and everything changed.

My old boss was fired and I got a new one who quite frankly was the worst boss I had in over 45 years of work.

The money was great but, working 55 hours a week for a person I had no respect for, became more then I was willing to do. My wife and I looked at our finances and agreed it was time to join the rolls of the retired.

We've not looked back and have found living on our retirement income a bit easier to do then we imagined. Being without debt makes it easier to do and we are fortunate to be in that position.

We've moved into an over 55 community that offers a large beautiful swimming pool, dart leagues, shuffleboard leagues, bingo and all sorts of activities aimed at keeping us feeling young.

Our neighbors are friendly and we enjoy conversing with them on a regular basis.I would say we fit in rather nicely in our retired community and there are far few negatives to even mention.

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Joi de Vivre
by: Nina

Great story about your road to retirement! Enjoy your lovely "Over 55" complex. Living there must be fun! Don't you think that life can be full of lovely surprises?

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