My Retirement......

by Ambey

Hi Everyone, I am so new here, yet loved the invitation to here's my sharing.

I retired in 2007, due my darling Husband's illness. My Counseling Career, was demanding, so I prioritized thereby allowing me to be there for my Husband.

Alzheimer's was taking him away from me, and he had just been placed into long term care in 2006. I am thankful for the years I was able to support him and sadly in July 2013 he was released from illness and the highly undignified world of Alzheimers! I miss him much.....

But am grateful for the lessons learned in those 17, I put one "foot in front of the other, each day" I will continue to experience my life and what it has to offer....

Now to the subject at hand: Retirement!

I love my retirement.....a wise person once told your homework Ambey, before retirement, and cultivate your interests!

I did just days are filled with music, as I study piano, classical music....self taught with both guitar and violin......I love music! Exercise, as well...every day, keeps me healthy.....

Friends are like fine wine.....I need them and I treasure them.....

I do not have a lot of family.....yet I have learned to "create" my own family.......spiritual practices also play a important part in my motto is balance in all things.......

I look forward to becoming integrated into this web site Wendy.....thank you for your work! I hope to make some friends and be a friend to others! Last sentence.....retirement need not be feared.....plan as much as yu can......and accept what you cannot change......

Thanks again for this opportunity

Regards, Ambey

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Love this...
by: Anonymous

Ambey, I loved reading your description of your days in retirement. You are clearly creating a life that has both pleasure and meaning.

Who could ask for more than that? Life has pain, but so much beauty too. A peaceful and contented life is a good life.

Losing one's partner is, no doubt, the hardest thing on life's journey; where you have to pass through the deep, dark woods. But the journey is an important one, and everything along the road we travel has meaning, and every part of the journey is valuable.

Bless you Ambey.

Thanks re feedback
by: Ambey

Thanks Wendy and Don re feedback.....hope this gets to you..... ( not to sure yet how to get around this sight)

Thanks you the kind thoughts re my Hubby....missing him a lot these days as we are getting into the Season. I am learning that my grieving and feelings for him, will be with me, yet all the while, alongside those feelings, I need to open myself up to a new times it's a hard lesson......!

But this site is not about grief and loss, but rather, Retirement!!!! My apologies......

I wish you both a great Thanksgiving! The American Thanksgiving!

P.S. Wendy, I have printed out some of your most helpful strategies re site.....Thks so much.....

Ambey (Canada)

God Bless
by: Don

Thank you for your retirement insights and perspectives. I also want to express my sincere condolonces for the loss of your Husband. God Bless.

I was very impressed with your planning and perspective. Wish you continued happiness....



WOW.. What a Retirement!
by: Wendy

So very thrilled for you!

You are the Perfect Retiree Role Model --

You worked through your husbands illness and death, and cultivated the busy lifestyle full of friends that everyone should have.

Kudos to you, Ambey!!

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