My Senior Dating Experience

by Phil W

If one knows to live his life, it doesn't really matter what your age is and whether you work or you are retired. Its all about living your life as I truly know how to.

When I retired, I knew it was a new life that I planned to live and there was nothing that could stop me from living it. So I went on to join a dating club, something that I had never done before.

This was one place my friend had suggested and it was quite trustworthy. It wasn't as if I wasn't aware of things that I was doing, but then it was all about new experiences and happiness.

I got to meet few lovely ladies who were interested in men like me. I liked few of them but went on with only one. We went for dinners and movies; things that we both liked a lot.

We spoke a lot too. Going for strolls, speaking on the phone, enjoying life was all part of it. This was a kind of life we never could enjoy in those days, when we were younger, due to the responsibilities that we had.

But now, since we had time and money, we could go on with it and enjoy a whole new experience.

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by: Anonymous

I love to read other peoples experience after divorce.
Wish it happened to me.

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