My spouse is excited about retirement - I'm dreading the years of boredom

by Mike

I will retire in October at age 51. My spouse is retiring this August at age 60. We decided to retire about 18 months ago.

We will relocate from NJ to Florida where we will spend 6 months of the year (Nov to April) in our new retirement home in Sarasota, Florida and 6 months at our summer home in the Catskill Mountains of New York State (where my spouse has spent time since childhood - and I have spent time there over the past 20 years.)

My spouse says he is looking forward to spending time with me and is excited about retirement. He is also looking forward to having more time to garden in the Catskills (his passion.)

While the Catskills are nice in the summer, and I enjoy bike riding, gardening, and have a passion for architecture, I am terrified of having to spend 6 months there every year in an area where I think there is simply not enough for me to do.

My spouse says "you'll find something to do." I don't think he quite understands that I don't like the area as much as he does.

I had thought of part-time work (accounting is my work profession) - but I want the flexibility to take vacations at will - and that may not appeal to employers. So how do I approach this?

How do I create a life for myself in an area that has limited appeal to me, and where I would not choose to be if my spouse was not there?

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Things to do
by: Denise - Maryland

With an accounting background you may be able to work for a temporary agency. That would allow you flexibility for travel.

Also, volunteer work may fill the time.

Join a club. I'm a skier. But, close to 50% of club members do not ski. It's a very social club that has a large variety of non- ski activities and travel. And, the club always need volunteers to function, especially in accounting ;-)

Another Possibility
by: Elna Nugent, Lenox, MA

Dear Mike:

Have you ever considered having your own business in your field where you are your own boss and call your own hours.

Are you a CPA? If you are computer savvy, much is open for you to pursue. Any work that helps others as much as it helps you is gong to be profitable.

Wendy's two cents: Here are some Home Business helps, if you choose to jump in and do this! Home Biz with Wendy!

Retirement planner
by: Kathy Waite Csnada

Have you considered starting your own accounting practice ? It would be flexible and you take on as much or little work as you wish.

It could be individuals or small businesses. More and more people will work by email and phone so you could keep in touch when you go to Florida.
I come across many self employed who would like to learn Freshbooks or Quicken could you teach coach that ?

Think about parts of your career or hobbies you make into a business...

Time to plan
by: Sandy/Rochester

Mike - you are wise to begin to think of this next phase of your life, especially given that you are so young.

As you may have noticed on this site, many of us who are older than you have struggled with the concept of retirement.

Although some people have found joy in this stage, others (as I am) still are on a journey to fill our lives with something meaningful and can sometimes struggles with the fact that we feel we have no purpose.

I do think it is beneficial to create your own space/life, so that you don't do everything with your spouse (unless you want to). The independence and opportunity to meet others will probably benefit you greatly.

Also, given there is so much on-line these days, perhaps you can pursue on-line activities such as taking courses or exploring remote opportunities to work.

I can tell you from experience that it is very difficult to find jobs where you call your own hours. I don't think I have done a good job exploring this area, however.

Best wishes on your journey and keep us posted on this site. The members of this site are always willing to share.

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