My story

by Sharol
(Dearborn, MI)

Me after exercising this summer,

Me after exercising this summer,

Dear New Friend,

Hi my name is Sharol and I’m 67. I am starting on my second year of retirement and I hate it. I have cleaned out and donated all my teacher items and filled my first year with reading and writing. Now for the first time in 30 years my basement book area had empty shelves ha, ha! During that cleaning frenzy I found a box full of old dairies and journals starting with my teenage years.

I had goals when I retired my first was to spend more time with my mom who is 93 and take her to visit relatives we hadn’t seen in years. However for a variety of reasons we’ve only been on two trips.

Another goal was to read and boy did I achieve that I have read over 100 novels and of course I read all the dairies and journals I found. These were a nice break from the sci-fi, fantasies and love stories I had been reading. But they were filled with the good, the bad and the ugly times of my life and everything I had kept bottled up inside for years.

An additional goal was to finish the novels I had started writing over the years. So I achieved that by finishing 6 books I had started and wrote 6 more (although I will never publish any of them).

Last year I watched my grandchildren and helped them with their homework. As a teacher I always had things to do and was very involved with my school and my students. But when I tried to going back to my school and help I got really depressed so I quit. My friends are all teachers and most of them are younger. My retired friends are married and we do lunch once every two months or so. So I’m seeking out friends to write too.

This summer I decided to become more active and get out of the house. I even made my ‘Bucket List’ and started exercising. But every time I went somewhere my mom made me feel guilty although she won’t go with me. Now it’s October and I am not watching my grandsons anymore so I have even more time.

On September 19th I had a medical procedure, complications set in so now I’m mostly sitting again. My doctor tells me it will take longer to recovery because I’m older. In the meantime I am lonely and find I’m not interested in reading or writing any more.

I need help to understand how I can balance my life so I can do what I would like to do without feeling guilty. I’m getting stronger everyday physically but would really like to have a friend to write too.
If you would like to write or have some advice I would love to hear from you. Your friend Sharol

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Another retired teacher
by: Tuxedo Cat Westlake, Ohioour Name/Location

I am also a retired teacher. I taught children with disabilities in an urban school system. I had two epileptic seizures at work, once cracking my head needing staples, then falling down a flight of stairs. Now I am on meds and doing well. But I also find retirement no fun.

Actually, I am also in the "teacher mode": missing preparing for the new school year in the fall, etc. Am looking for part-time teaching or tutoring, also a day or two a week volunteering with people who need help with functional life skills.

Sounds to me, though, that you have a good start in making your retirement time something you will like.

by: Pat Printu

I agree but a family tragedy changed my retirement plan. We lost our 38 year old son to cancer one year after I retired. Everything sucks!

I am now retired 3 1/2 years ... it is very hard to find a purpose. I actually am on vac in Florida and still lonely. I cannot find happiness right now.

Second year retired Endlish teacher
by: Eddy

I am now workng on my second year of retirement after being a secondary language arts teacher for forty years.

To be honest, I was very concerned about the transition into a more "regular" life after all those years of living on a teacher's schedule and loving every moment.

However, I have found a great sense of peace in my new life and have done things way outside my comfort zone. There are lots of books out there about how to deal with retirement. A couple of books that have helped me adjust to my new life are listed below.

How to Be an Every Day Philanthropist by Nicole Bouchard Boles

How to Retire Happy, Wild, and Free by Ernie J. Zelinski

also retired teacher
by: Betty Audet

I would like to suggest that you become involved in some volunteer work. MY husband, who also was teacher, and I got great satisfaction out of our volunteer jobs.

We were fortunate enough we also had great travel but perhaps you will too some time in the future.

Sympathize with your mother for at her age I can understand travel being difficult. Although my husband still walks without a cane at 103 and I walk quite well with one we would certainly not try to travel even to family.

Wendy's Challenge to Sharol
by: Wendy

Hey Michigander... I'm one too!

My challenge is: Publish your books.

Whattt? Gasp! That is not what Sharol was looking for... but --

What have you got to lose? Nothing -- absolutely nothing, but what if, just WHAT IF someone likes them?

What if another lonely soul has nothing to read, is searching for a new Kindle book and finds yours?
What if they enjoy it and you give them a smile or two for a few hours in time?

Here is my class... I am not providing the link to sell my class, but to show that two other retirees published their books using my course. You can also read instructions on Amazon and do it yourself there. It costs nothing to publish a Kindle book... really! If you have questions, I can help you

Publish a Kindle Book in 30 days here!

Just an idea, it might be fun, get all six up there, and start writing more.... series are especially good on Amazon!

Go girl!

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