My Thoughts from My Dark Midnight Ceiling

by Thomas A. Damron
(Plano, TX)

My Thoughts from My Dark Midnight Ceiling

So many words have been written over time that I think originality in a story is merely a disguise of another written story.

I think diplomacy is the ability to assess a person quickly and then describe them as they believe they are, not what you believe.

When the clock was first invented, how did the inventor know what time it was to set it correctly?

I think compliments can lead to hard feelings. I complimented the mustache on a friend, but she got mad and now she won't speak to me.

I think that events in your life that matter most to you must never be threatened by events that have the least worth to you.

I believe that there is nothing that is really as it seems to be, but I also believe there are a few things that are completely as they appear to be.

I don't believe I have ever failed, however I have succeed many times at working at things that don't work well.

I believe that a politician who is normal will be acceptable to the populace, but I believe that if the politician is totally crackers he will become their President.

I believe that a U. S. Congressional party has no dilemma that is so large and so unsolvable that it can't be blamed on the other party.

I believe that the more you become withdrawn from society and yourself, the more you will become to hate who you really may be.

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